Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye bye summer

  Summer is officially gone. Hello cold weather! It was good while it lasted, but fall is here! Fresh and new! 
 We even had a couple of rainstorms with lots of thunders and lightnings. One thunderbolt fell really close to our apartment (scary) and as a result we have a dead modem... We know it's from that rainstorm, cause the same thing happened to our neighbors and they also have to buy a new modem, as well as a new computer. We still don't have a connection after a week (apparently this happened to many people around Greece)... I borrowed an old modem from our friend Georgia (thank you Georgia) just to check how you guys are doing!


 So let me share a summer day with you, just to keep the memories fresh! I've never mentioned that my dad is a boat captain (that's his job) and he owns a small fishing boat! So me and G. went for a ride! 
Daddy and me
 When I was young we used to do that very often! We also used it for fishing! Almost every weekend! Yes, I know how to fish with many different ways. (useless talent no. 83)!

Leaving Nafplio port
A closer view of Bourtzi castle, by the port entrance
The lighthouse, famous first date place!

 The day was windy and the trip was sooo bumpy, but fun!! My hat fell in the water, but we saved it! It is a hat from France after all, I couldn't leave it to drown. A special gift from my mother's best friend Anna! (snatched immediately).

Hat rescue

 We then found a safe-from-the-wind beach and took a dive! I lost a contact lense! Oh.. the joys of nature!

See the castle wall around the cliff?
See the people on top of the wall?
 We swam right below Akronafplia castle. It was so amazing! Thanks for the ride dad! 

Love thy cellulite!!
 Back to present day: I found a job! I now work in a small tavern/bar (or tsipouradiko in greek). I cook and serve (it's not a big place) which means that I'm running around like a crazy person most of the times... I must have lost a couple of kilos in a week and the girl who worked there before me, lost 18 kg in 4 months. Working in Greece is getting kind of ridiculously hard, you know. On a happy note, maybe my next career is in modelling, haha! But more on that... later!

 Let's just focus on the lovely summer memories, shall we? 
Kisses, Dimitra

Monday, September 19, 2011

The fancy dress

Hi everybody! I hope you had a lovely weekend!
 Since we're on the hair topic and everybody responded so well, I decided to give you another good hair day. In fact this is probably the best hair day ever, because it's the only time you're gonna see me in a hairdo! I called my friend Fani, who is also my personal hairdresser, showed her my dress and she acted accordingly! This is the result:

 The day was special: our next-door neighbors got married! Isn't that sweet? We couldn't miss it, so we dressed up and joined the party! They got married in the same church I was baptized (in Orthodox church, this is the day you get your name, which by the way in greek is Δήμητρα).

St. Nikolas church in the background
 I really love the pattern of that dress and the fact that it cost me 15 euro and nobody can guess that... but it is the most unflattering dress I own, at least for my body-type!
 I knew that when I bought it and I've changed the neck-line a bit (it was v shaped, but it didn't work), but still... girls who are pear-shaped and curvy like me, should avoid that type of dresses! If you really insist, pick a wild pattern like this one: it's eye-catching and people focus on the dress instead of the little flaws. It's a nice visual trick and it works! I only got compliments on this outfit!

  I've made a bronze earring for this dress, which I forgot to wear at the church, but I wore later in the reception. I'm pretty sure I should have a pic of it in my hard drive, but can't locate it!! I'll incorporate it in the next jewellery post for you to see though!

 I liked these shoes so much, that I've bought them in purple as well! I do that often. It was years ago, but I think they were 20 euro! The big beige clutch is now a vintage Crest that I snatched from mommy! That brand was very famous in Greece 30 years ago, but I can't find any information about them. I remember they also had luggage in their collection. Anybody remembers anything?

 That's the plate of the newlywed's car with their names on! Antonis and Aggeliki, I wish the very best for your joined life ahead of you!!! Love and kisses to all! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A good hair day and a black bohemian skirt

 Thank you all for your wonderful and warm welcome! It's good to be back and I'm ready for some serious blogging! This new haircut is so old that it now needs a new haircut, but back when I had it - all new and fresh - it felt so great I had to tell you!! 

 My relationship with my hair is a love-hate one, described in many posts before: I used to have short hair. I looked great! Then I grew older and I got comments like: "you look like a 5-year-old" or "it's just not classy" e.t.c. (the comments may appear harsh, but we're Greek! We can handle the truth and we prefer it that way. They were coming from friends or colleagues). I grew them long - people like it better. They take you more seriously. I kept them long. I prefer them short. End of story.
 So... I'm not your normal blogger that would give out advice for hair! But then a good hair cut like that comes and I'm instantly an expert!! I realized that my long curly hair look... pretty damn cool! And I didn't even have to style them or anything!

 Combined with a black bohemian skirt, a studded skinny belt and a graphic tee you're ready to go! Here's what you do if you have hair like mine! 
 Tips for dry and curly hair:

1. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair, preferably when they are dry (like before the shower). You minimize the risk of split ends and breakage.
2. Once a week give them a mask treatment with olive oil or almond oil. Simply massage it around your hair, wrap a towel and leave it from 15-30 min. (depending on the dryness). Rinse and shampoo twice. It does wonders!!
3. To refresh the curls the next morning, simply give them a few sprays of a leave-in conditioner. If you're too lazy or too unemployed like me to buy that, you can make your own! Use a teaspoon of your favorite conditioner, a few drops of oil (olive, almond, coconut, jojoba or any other natural oil) and a cup of water. Put in an empty bottle and shake!! Enjoy!
4. Careful on the towel- drying! You don't want to damage your hair! Just wrap a towel turban-style and leave it for 10 min. to absorb the water. Do not rub your hair with the towel! Ever.

See? Nice and soft curls!

 I hope I helped you a little bit with your bad hair days! Maybe you know the tips already, but I had to learn them pretty recently!! See you around! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to the future... (blogging!)

 Good morning and have a lovely new week everybody!! I missed you all out there, a lot! We have a lot of catching up to do, you know? But first things first...! The most important thing to do is thank each and every one of you friends for your lovely messages, emails, comments and even phone-calls while I was vacationing! You're so sweet! 

That's me, in case you forgot about me already!   

 To answer the big pressing question of what was I doing for a month, I guess the answer is: NOTHING! And let me tell you... it was awesome! Well... when I say nothing, I mean I was either doing this....

...or this....

...taking a swim here...

.... or here...

....or even here....

....going for road trips...

....and enjoying breathtaking views!

 In the meantime, I realized my little blog has a life of it's own now: more than 2.000 views, 10 new followers and numerous comments kept me fascinated during last month! As promised here, this is great news and we have to celebrate with a thank you giveaway! Stay tuned please, cause I'll make something with lots of love and positive energy and I'll send it to one of you!
 And as some of you may have guessed (from the improvement of the pics quality) I've bought a new camera!! Too complicated for my taste - I like to keep things as simple as possible - but I'll manage!

 I'm still not ready to say bye-bye to good old summer, so I'll be posting summer outfits and places and of course the jewellery I've made during August! Φιλάκια!