Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some new bling-bling!

 Hello darlings! How are you?  Just in time you were thinking that I abandoned blogging.... here I am!
 Unfortunately I've been sick since Sunday night with tonsillitis! I don't know if this is how it's called in english because I just googled it, but I've had some fever, a lot of coughing and a sore throat that gave me the feeling that I've swallowed a ping-pong ball and it's somehow stuck! Eeeeeeek! 
  G'. dragged me to the doctor yesterday, but I just went there in my sweatpants and a sweater, so: no outfit pics!! 
 Here are some pics of the funky jewellery I've been making instead! Feel free to write your opinion about them! 

"Home, sweet home" half-finished brooch

"No kitty..... Bad kitty" brooch
"No kitty..... Bad kitty" bracelet
Bracelet + earrings (unnamed yet!)

I made those for me for a change!! I love them!!!
not for sale earrings!
"Unchain my heart" ribbon bracelet

Necklace with small glass shells, beads and lace (no name yet!)

I think this is my "master-piece" so far!
Made of amber, glass, wooden & acrylic beads and some leather & chain!
  Please, tell me which one you like the best!!
 Oh... and some new followers and comments wouldn't hurt either - me being sick and all... sniff! - but hey! No pressure!!

Many kisses!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brown and green?

 A quick post to show you my outfit from yesterday, when we visited G's parents for lunch! They live in the neighbour town of Argos, so this  is where this lovely church is (Church of St. John I think....)

 I decided to go comfy yet modest and then I remembered that I've only worn this skirt once (here), so here it is again! Paired with brown boots, bag and belt; a green top and jacket; and two grey scarves tied together. I like it that green "warms up" when mixed with brown!


Skirt - local flea market
Green top - Asos
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Grey long scarf - American Apparel
Grey "rose" scarf - Asos
Belt - Local store
Shoes - Local store
Bag - On Pedder
Glasses - Just Cavalli

 Can you spot our cat Dina right behind me? She's a real rebel! And black with a white spot in one side! 

Kisses till next time!

View of church and bell tower in Argos, Greece.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

An outfit and a headband

 I know that nobody is usually around during the weekend, but I had to share my first outfit with the new headband I bought from Anzouya!

 So here it is!! I wore it yesterday for a coffee downtown in the lovely cafeterias by the city harbour! To tell you the truth I was kind of nervous if I could pull it off, but since nobody was pointing at me and laughing, I think I did! What do you think?


Dress - flea market (styled in more ways here )
Sweater - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Local store
Shoes - Hunter black
Headband - by Anzouya

View of the port and Bourtzi castle

Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep walking.... and remixing!

 Hey guys! I want to thank each and every one of you for all your love and support during my 3 months of blogging! I feel I've made some real friends already and I'm very happy to see some response over my designs or on days of pure panic like yesterday! So thank you all! - you're all unique and very cool people and I appreciate every single comment!! 

 After the shock of my previous posts, on to happy sartorial subjects: Spring is gonna be here soon oficially and to stay. I'm out of excuses for still remixing winter clothes!! So, I'm determined to finish my remix this week, with only one month of delay!!! (famous for my punctuality - hihihi)

 By the end of the week - just as you're getting fed up by seeing me all over the place - we'll get back to creativity, normality and finding a style for this blog and a place for every little witch and tiny wizard of this planet!!

New jewellery I've made!! Purple glass and some green beads, wire, ribbon, chain & patience!

 But.... one step at a time and back to outfits! 
Three ways to wear a plain black skirt: for the office, for a drink/lunch/dinner and a more casual one (for shopping?)

1st Outfit:

Skirt - Attrativo
Tee - Calzedonia
Grey cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Black Studded Belt -U.O.
Shoes - Hunter
Bag - Hunter
Ring and necklace - Handmade by me
Coat - mommy's gift

 I'm going "French" for the second outfit! I really like this cheap old tee (15 euro/local store) and when I'm wearing it I get a "Parisien" feeling. I couldn't really explain why, it was just feeling French... Then I read this very cool post of Jess, that explains the history of Breton stripes and guess what?? They originally came from France! Now I can feel "Parisien" and have a reason!!

Close up of new earrings I've made/ my Breton stripes are gold-ish!

2nd Outfit: 

Skirt - Attrativo
Tee - Local store
Belt - French Connection (Asos)
Shoes - Hunter
Earrings - Handmade by me
Green Satin Rose Pin - from the boutique I used to work

 More stripes, this time featured on a multicoloured scarf that matches my new "Candy girl" bracelets (the previous ones seen here). That's me trying to pose "Tyra" style (ha) and failing miserably!!

3rd Outfit:

Skirt - Attrativo
White tee - too old to remember
Grey tee - Asos Maternity
Jean jacket - Ysatis
Scarf - a gift 
Belt  - local store
Shoes - everyday flats
Bracelets - Handmade by me

(Need more inspiration for your old, boring,black skirt? Click here and here !
Bye-Bye now....! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update on the scam!!!

I'm still in panic after what happened today. I'm also very sad...
Turns out...... the bad person that stole my hotmail account, has been sending messages to all my contacts
saying that I'm in Spain and that I need money (1000 euro) to pay my hotel expenses!!

This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.....

I know that sometimes I believe in the kindness of human nature and I can be extremely naive.... but I don't consider myself as stupid. 
Well today.... I'm stupid.
I feel violated and extremely embarassed....
The only reason I'm posting this is because you might receive an email saying that, but please DO NOT RESPOND to this person...
I even called the police and they said I have to press charges.....

You can laugh all you want.... but I didn't know internet can be such a bad place....

HELP - Urgent post - hotmail problem!

             Oh my God dear readers!! Help me!!!
This is what happened to me first thing in the morning....
I was having my coffee, checking my blog and emails as I usually do. I've received a message in my inbox of my Hotmail account, looking pretty legitimate to me, saying that I have to verify my account info to their hotmail team. It claimed that they're verifying every hotmail account to see if it's used and if I didn't reply my account would be deleted.....
I was kind of alarmed that it asked for my password verification, but blame it on the lack of caffeine in my brain or just on the fact that I'm plain stupid and internet ignorant and I thought that if it was spam, it would've been spammed (and not in my inbox, if you're following me).... I freakin verified the darn thing!!!!!!
Guess what happened next?????
Somebody took over my account, changed my password and I don't have access....
I can't believe in my own eyes that something like that can happen.....
I've been trying the whole morning to communicate with Microsoft help, but..... no luck. I'm getting a message that says that if my account is verified, I'll get it back maybe within 24 days..... but seriously...... what kind of a freaking SERVICE is this anyway????????
Please help me dear readers..... I'm lost in translation and desperate..... What if they can find my account details? Is my credit card in danger? Can I just call someone and have it blocked?? Will I loose my email and addresses or even worse?? Somebodyyyyyyy Heeeeeeeeeeelp!  
(that's me panicking right now.....!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've got mail!!!

 Ok, not really.. - I've got a parcel! Which is way better!! ...But you have to admit it's a catchy title, right?
 Back to the parcel now... I've been waiting for almost a week and it arrived yesterday! So today I picked it up and then went for a coffee and a walk in town with my lovely bf!

 As soon as we sat down at our favourite corner cafe, I had to check if my goodies arrived safely! 

  And they did arrive safe and sound, and they were even cuter than I thought!
  My first handmade cuties made by one of my first blog-friends: Anzouya!! 

 I bought from her lovely DaWanda shop those cool crochet heart-shaped paper clips and the dark red rose headband! I was very happy and touched when I saw that she included a card with a sweet note and one extra paper-clip (the blue round one!) which I absolutely adore and is my fav. colour! Thank you Anzouya! You're a sweetheart!

 Anzouya, is a creative girl who is trying to make her dream come true and start her own business of making and selling beautiful handmade goodies! 
 She is very active and she has this great blog, full of tutorials and good ideas and lovely things that she makes... She also runs a DaWanda shop, a Facebook page and an Etsy shop and her own business in Corfu, Greece, at the same time! I don't know about you, but I admire that! I think she has a unique spirit and a lot of guts, for doing that and I wish the best of luck and success! Thanx Anzo - I love them all! Stay tuned for an outfit featuring my new headband!!
View of the town from the corner cafe!
On a more personal level, I've been kind of busy. Actually, too busy!! But in a happy, hectic and creative kind of way! That means that I've made a loooot of jewellery that I now have to figure out what to do with...! While I was doing that, many flat surfaces of our house looked like that:

 And what kind of happy thoughts have arisen through that process??
A)I have to get organized and create a working space....
B)To further explain A): I meant to post a "before and after" project of creating my workspace. We have a spare room which was meant to become office/working area and I'm in the process of decorating. It was a mess, filled of boxes with books, but I didn't have the blog back then, so no "before" pics, but I'll post the "after"!
C)To further explain B): I have to finish my remix!! My remixing clothes are all over the place (I had to keep them seperately), in the one room that my jewellery stuff were supposed to be, so that's why my jewellery stuff are all over the rest of the house!! 
D)I have to get organized??
 And after those random thoughts that make perfect sense - I'm sure - I decided to post a lot of outfits to finish my remix and then post a lot of jewellery and then learn Flickr and post there and then learn how to start a Dawanda and/or an Etsy shop. (I really dislike Facebook though... oh well...)!
So many plans.... so little time! See you soon!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going bohemian with a summer dress

 Greetings everyone! After my bad mood post, my lovely bf came home early on Friday and he decided to drag me out in an effort to cheer me up! We went to my favourite cafeteria and had a late branch, a little walk by the sea and bought some extra jewellery supplies from a lovely (and dead expensive!) little shop!! It's amazing how much your mood can change when you're around the people you love....

My brother and a friend joined us for branch, so we had fun and soon I was back to being me!

 I even wore my contacts (that's very very rare!) and my favourite Dior sunglasses that I bought as a present to myself, after working really hard last summer. Now, you've noticed already that all my clothes and accessories are ridiculously cheap and I'm not in favour of huge brandnames. The sunglasses are NOT exactly that.... They practically cost as much as our rent, but I somehow managed to persuade myself, that this is an investment for the future! (nah....).

 When I later saw the movie "Sex and the city", I realised Miranda was wearing those in Abu Dabhi!! YAY! My sunglasses were famous and I started jumping up and down the living room and acting like a 4-year-old that was given a candy!! 
 And this is how you can buy expensive eyewear you can't afford and not feel guilty about it! (bf still acting weird when someone mentions "Dior", "Abu Dabhi" or "Sex and the city"...btw...)

 This is the town port and some cute boats that made me wish I could have one and travel all year long...!
We then returned home and went for a long walk with our dog Billy, around the neighborhood! (you can also see Billy and the rest of the family, here!)

 Billy is super happy when we can both walk her! Normally she gets a short morning walk where each of us in turns is dragged around, without even having coffee first, by a super-excited doggie who wants to smell every single flower and pee in every single corner of the world!! 
  We specifically pee by the corner of this field every day, which is across our house and I had to take a picture! This is one of my favourite spots in the neighbourhood and it always makes me wonder how did that vintage car end up in there or those heavy constructing machinery and where they've been before. It's beautiful and kind of spooky, like an old machine cemetary or something! And the shadow you can see on top of the hill in the background, is the castle of Palamidi! (you can have a clearer view here).

 The small tree behind me is an almond tree and when it blooms, it is considered to be a herald of spring in Greece!


Dress - "I&D" local shop
Sweater - local flea market
Belt - some accessory shop (7 euro)
Shoes - Local store
Earring - handmade (by a friend, Marianthi)
Bag - On Pedder
Glasses - Dior 

 Since I gave you a view of an almond tree, here's another of an olive tree and don't judge me please... no make up. I'm past 30 after all...!!!

SOON TO COME - After that I've been making jewellery during the whole weekend!! I even dream of designs when I sleep. I must have come up with 20 totally new designs! I promise a nice post with the new cuties soon!! Kisses

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some jewellery and an HTML trick for you!

 Hello dears! No outfit pics today as I'm feeling a bit under the weather and not my usual self.... Nothing to worry about , I'll be ok by Monday for sure... It's just that sometimes you can't help but be pissed off when you feel absolutely vulnerable and not safe. And that's how all greeks feel right now (pretty much) due to extremely unethical and extreme political, financial and social situations... 

 Oh well, this is a happy blog and I'm trying not to get into that stuff.... There are hundreds of greek political blogs out there to get into details.
 + I'm having a bad hair day! (and PMS!)
Sometimes it's too much for a girl too handle!!

 Back to happy subjects, here are some really happy jewellery I've made and named them the "Candy girl" series for obvious reasons:

Two bracelets! 

And earrings!! Don't they look like candies??

...I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling a wee better after looking at those colours!

And on to the HTML trick I promised:

 I may be new in blogging but I'm already irritated by all the self-promotion out there for no particular reason... (told ya I'm in a BAD mood!)
 People coming in and out of blogs like ghosts, leaving gems of knowledge like: "Cute :)" and various other symbols, followed by their blog address!! 
 To those people = I don't really care how "big" your blog is! This is not a contest! It maybe is to you, but as far as I'm concerned there is no PRICE if you get THE biggest blog ever! Ok, maybe you get free bags and dresses and headbands, but for some others out there it's far more precious to bond, to meet people of substance, to help each other reach for their dreams. (I know... kind of boring! And time-consuming!)
 So if you want to comment in MY blog and other PERSONAL blogs and promote thy self, go ahead. But please do it in a way that is less obvious and a bit more tactful! Here's how:

You can incorporate your address in this code and it can appear as a link!!

E.G. - Instead of writing:
"Cool :) !! - Check my blog"

You can write:
1."Hey, Your outfit is really cute and I like your belt!! Check how I wore mine here"

2.Then you highlight the word "here" and delete it while copy this code instead! (I keep it in a word file):

<a href=" your address)">here</a>

3. The word "here" is going to reappear, this time as a link to your address. Isn't that cool??

 Thank you for your patience today! xxx

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green for spring!

 Hello lovely readers of my small blog!! 

 I'm kind of sick of all the bad stuff happening lately and of all the gloomy weather we're getting in my part of the woods! So here is another attempt to dress up and "call" for spring!!

 Too cold to do it outside I'm afraid, so here's a lovely view of our corridor (and the bathroom door as a bonus!)

 Can you spot the difference from my usual outfit posts??

 How about now??? Am I helping?? Non?

 How about this one? No ?

 Ok.... I'll tell you. When planning this outfit in my head, I intended to show you the new earrings that I've made. They were red and black and white and kind of different from my usual "happy" designs. That's why I named the series(more in that style to come soon...) the "Dancing Queen". They were also designed to make my mom friends to stop saying that I can only make stuff for 8-year-olds!!

The "Dancing Queen" earrings!
 I'm really happy and excited to tell you that I don't have them anymore - they're SOLD!! In fact, better than sold - exchanged with hair dying, trimming and straightening!! 
So... that's the difference! Straight hair (you'll see that 3-4 times a year!). What do you think?? 
 I say it worthed the trouble of spinning red wire around a loop, for 4 hours and destroying my nails!

P.S. - I went for the big bag instead! Kisses to all!
P.S. - Now, If I could just exchange another pair for a manicure I'd be good to go!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye mr, Rassoulis - You will be missed and danced.....

 Obviously this is not a very happy weekend. I was just informed that the artist mr. Manolis Rassoulis is no longer among us. 
 For my greek friends - I take it that you know who this amazing person was.
 For my foreigner friends - Please keep reading to find out who he was....
Photo from

 This sweet man was one of the most talented song-writers in Greece. But he was much more than that...

 He was born in September of 1945, in Crete island and he was the son of a goldsmith. He left the island and studied cinematography in Athens while singing in Plaka and working for a left-wing newspaper at the time.
 He left Greece during dictatorship(1967-1974)- after getting arrested - and lived in London for 6 years. There, he got involved with the Trotskyist movement where he met Vanessa Redgrave and they collaborated in a couple of political theatrical plays. He became co-publisher of the greek trotskyist newspaper in London.
 He participated in "May of 68" rising in Paris where he got severely injured.
 After the fall of greek dictatorship he returned to Greece and got a job as a ship-yard worker. While working he managed to officiate in the Labour Union of one of the biggest ship-yards in the country and win important benefits for his colleagues.
 After that he turned towards Buddhist philosophy and became a student and follower of the famous Indian guru Osho
 When Melina Mercouri as Minister for Culture invited him to participate in the event of "Athens as European Cultural Capital" (1985) he refused to do so because "Athens wasn't worth of being a Cultural Capital"!! After that statement he is considered a "black sheep" for the government.
 He also disagreed with many record companies and the greek music industry in general. He was reputed to be eccentric and heretical.
 He is considered as the best lyric writer of the last 30 years in Greece. His inspiration was drawn from 50's greek popular songs. His lyrics where unique, direct, inspiring and poetic! His songs became popular in Turkey, Israel, Serbia and even Japan!
 Always active he was a seeker of truth.... He even started his own blog and was posting for 4 years. He stopped posting a year ago... He was found by some friends in his apartment in Thessaloniki, after being dead for four days...

This is a terrible loss for our country. One of the most famous songs he wrote speaks about Greece and what being greek  feels like.
 It is more essential now then ever before for my greek readers to pay attention to those lyrics. We're going through hard times. Let mr. Rassoulis speak into your heart:


 I quote him from the song refrain:

"Ahh Greece I love you
and I deeply thank you,
because you taught me 
and now I know
to breath wherever I am
to die wherever I stand
and not to tolerate you....
Ahh Greece I'm gonna say it to you...
before the rooster crows
you deny me thirteen times,
you're blackmailing me,
you're bullying me,
you're throwing me away like a love-child,
yet you're always hitched on me"!

 And here's another great song/ballad called "Νιώσε με" meaning "Feel me": 

 In both videos it's Rassoulis himself who sings in a tv program. You can learn more about him and his discography in his official site here.

Goodbye Mr. Manolis....
You're loved and remembered.