Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a boy! (...and other happy news)

Good morning all!! 

 Back in August our friend Elias and Rita, became parents for the first time! The baby is a beautiful little boy! His name is Aris! We had to pay a visit to meet newborn Aris and we had  to bring him a gift, to welcome him in life! 

 I thought long and hard about what to get him. I didn't want to buy clothes or toys, because babies get a ton of them anyway. You know... from aunts, grandparents, uncles and other relatives! (or at least they do so in Greece!). So I decided to make him a little something! 

 All babies love dangling things, so I used some sea-wood I found on the beach and some twine to hang beads, blue felt hearts and ribbons to make him something to hang in his room! 

 It's also a custom to give good luck charms to babies, so I made him a wreath using similar materials and colors and a small "red eye", which is supposed to protect him from all evil!! 

  Then I thought that mommies should also get a little something in this occasion, so I made a brooch for Rita!

 I wrapped them all up with blue rice paper and used the brooch as a decoration to make the little parcel you saw on the first picture!! Rita was very happy when she got it, so my art now decorates the little baby's room! I hope he likes it!!

The happy news I promised: I QUIT THE FREAKIN' JOB!!

 Yes, damn right I did! It was an awful job anyway and after a month of feeling exhausted and irritated, I'm back to being my old self! 
 But before I quit something great happened! A family friend whom I haven't seen in years came as a customer with three of her friends. We started talking and one of them, Vanessa, said that she thinks we have met before. 
 Trying to remember why I look familiar she asked me the question I never thought I'd hear: "Do you have a blog"?? And readers, you all know I'm not a vain person... but it felt so great!! I got recognized through my BLOG!! 
 Vanessa is also a blogger and she makes jewellery! So... Vanessa, if you're reading this please leave a comment, because stupid me... I lost your blog address!

 May the "red eye" force be with you!! Kisses and hugs!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I suck at blogging (and other stories)

 Hello boys and girls and imaginary blog readers out there!! How are you all doing?? 
 If you have been reading my blog for a while you already know I suck at updating it! During August, I was busy having fun and this time I was busy being stressed out! Whatever the reason, I'll always be back and share with you though...!  So be patient and email me in between!! That's always welcome!
 Now... I'm gonna nag about the new job - to make it a pleasant ride, I'll post a couple of outfits I wore during happy times in August. Ready?

  Summer outfit I wore in a coffee meeting with my neighbor Aggeliki and her friend, Natasha. I had to take pics of us gorgeous girls of course! The lovely rose ring is a gift from my talented blog-friend Irini! She is a sweetheart and she makes some pretty awesome jewellery! Check her blog here and share the blog-love please!

Back to the coffee meeting: Aggeliki pretending to own somebody else's BMW.....

....the very stylish Natasha....

...and yours truly!

Earrings made by me - glasses made by Dior!

 The new job is exhausting in every possible way. I changed my mind... I have two days off, so I'm gonna spare you good people with my nagging! On to the second outfit...

  My lovely mom, gave me some vintage scarves a while ago. One of them inspired this "Mad Men meets the navy" outfit, which I thought is kind of acceptable and wore for a day of shopping downtown! 

More earrings made by me and a beautiful scarf back from the 70's!

 While I was absent from the blogging world, some great things happened! 

1. I got an award from another good blog friend, Ermioni! 

 Ermioni is a new mommy who tries out and shares with us some pretty delicious recipes! Greek cuisine with a twist at "The one with all the tastes"!! Thanks for the lovely award dear! I'm supposed to write down "7 things about me", but this is a loooong post already, so check the previous "7 things about" me here if you're new around here!

2. Tracy made a vlog!! She is just amazing! Most of you probably know Tracy already, but if you don't (and you're inexcusable), go check her blog. Now. Go... What are you waiting for?? 

 Many more great things must have happened, but my bloglovin' shows 493 unread posts. I must have missed something. I'll try my best to catch up! Kisses til next time! Φιλιά σε όλους!