Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Grande Finale!

 Ok... not so "Grande" since this outfit is actually very casual and I wore it for shopping! But it is a "Finale" anyway, so in this blog we're celebrating!! 

 I don't blame you for not remembering what it is that we're celebrating, since it all started with this post, which was more than two months ago (in blog-time it's like a century....)!! Even I wasn't sure that I finished and I had to double-check the outfit posts! So I did and it is official:

I finished my remix!!


Skirt - My favourite (see this post)
Top - Calzedonia
Jacket - Ysatis
Belt - Asos
Shoes - every day flats from local store (10 euro)
Bag - Hunter
Bracelet - "Cherry pop" handmade by me (new)
Glasses - Dolce & Gabbana

Never mind that I did it with only 1,5 months of delay, I did it anyway! I don't have a job to get dressed for every day, so practically I didn't break any rules! I'm really proud and relieved: I can wear the rest of my clothes!!

Like my new bracelet? It's got cherries on!
 To make it an extra happy day, I got lucky in Louana's giveaway (for the first time ever!! I never just "win" things!). So I'm getting a gift on top of that, a lovely Moose pdf design by Lou, which is soooo adorable! I will definitely give it a try!! Check out Lou's goodies and my lovely gift here!

Thank you dear Louana!

 It's Easter tomorrow in Greece, so it's celebration time with relatives and loved ones and a looot of greek food! I won't be posting for a week as I'm in serious need of some VACATION! My boy is off work for the next week and we have plans to have a lot of good times together!! 
 It's also a stressful period for me because I'm waiting to know whether I'll get a job this year or not. (see this post for details). This is directly involved to my income and you can obviously understand why I'm kind of edgy this time of the year... Oh well... cross your fingers for me! 

 Lot's and lot's of Spring wishes for a Happy Easter everyone!! Enjoy yourselves!
See you

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy girl necklace!!

 Just a quickie post, to show off what I made today! A "Flower Power Girl" necklace and bracelet as a gift for a little girl!

 The little girl, Stavroula, is my brother's godchild, age 11. I made it extra happy and I'm pleased with the outcome! I think she'll like them!! 

 I added one of the "Flower Power Girl" rings (seen here) in a cute pink bag to complete the set! Tell me what you think please!! See you all next time!  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bohemian Summer dress (part II)

 Hello my dear friends! How are you? I'm having a really fantastic week so far!! I'm very happy!

  Remember my bohemian summer dress from this post? You all left very nice comments for this baby!

 Since I love it so much that I've also bought it in navy blue (yes... the same one, with the same loud annoying pattern), I thought I'd give it another wear before my remix is finished! 

 After running boring errands downtown, me and g. took a walk at Kios nearby beach, which is just 5 min. away and so beautiful! Take a look....


Dress - "I&D" local shop
Top - Asos
Jacket - Ysatis
Belt - French Connection (Asos)
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - handmade ("Blue Valentine")
Bangles - no idea (probably free from a magazine!)
Bag - Hunter
Glasses - Dior

  Oh wait... I didn't tell you why I'm happy! It's Easter Holidays for students and teachers here in Greece, which means - no school for two weeks!! Since my boyfriend teaches in a high school, we get all this lovely time together! On the downside, my mom is also a teacher and for the last two days that she's off work we've been kneading (is that a word? I just googled it!) and baking traditional greek cookies and tsourekia like maniacs! In total we've baked 250 cookies and 20 tsourekia!!! (we're giving them also to friends - we're medium crazy greeks!) I'm beat...!

Kisses till next time lovelies!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playing with textures!

 Welcome to my headless post! 
Let's just focus on the outfit today...! Shall we? Hmmm....

 Still proud of remixing (on my own), here is my outfit from last night at the movies! Puzzled of why the sun is so bright? Well, I absolutely hate taking pics with a flash, so I had to reconstruct the outfit this morning! 
 Notice the word morning here - like early morning without coffee first - and you can understand why my facial expressions just refused to co-operate, thus leaving me with head-less post pics.... And I am mean I tell ya, I decapitated all of them!

 Back to the outfit, the weather is springy, but crazy: changing from wind, to sun, to clouds, to wind again! So why not mix seasons in my outfit too? Here I present a spring top  mixed with summer sandals, skirt and belt; and a winter bag and scarf! You call me "crazy homeless headless lady" - I call me "innovative and fashion advanced"!!Ha.

 Fancy my air-crane pin? It's a company pin and I add it on bags and jackets, because I love that crane! 
  And you can also see my new  fashionable "bird-nest ring", out of real pearls and wire! On second thought, after 3 hours of bending wire it was kind of stupid to combine real pearls that cost 60 euro with 0,5 cents worth of wire... But I'll play the artist card and stick to it!!

photo found here
 By the way the movie we saw was "The Rite". Not the best movie ever, but kind of fun to watch, just for the sake of the talented sir Anthony!


Skirt - Sprider stores
Grey Top - Asos maternity
Belt&Scarf - both vintage, from mommy
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - "On pedder"
Necklace - gift
Ring - handmade 

Bye-bye dears!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life goes on....

 I'm in a much better mood now and thank you all for your support and sweet comments...
 Life goes on for sure.... 
And what a better way to remind ourselves that we're alive, than by adding some yellow to our outfits and let some sunshine in! Although not my favourite colour, yellow does warm up the picture and my heart!

 Remember the yellow trendy cardi I forced myself to buy last fall? I wore it only once through remixing, here. I thought I'd give it another chance, before I finish my remix. (which was planned to finish during the weekend, but oh well... bear with me a little longer!).

 To make it extra silly happy, I added my new brooch, the "Home sweet home", which you've seen half finished here. As soon as I finished it, I had an idea! Not only this is a happy, lovely brooch to wear, but it would make a cute house decoration too!  So I added a wreath to the picture. Here I am while making it (and glueing my fingers on the carpet...)!

 And here is the finished product: the "Home, sweet home" brooch+wreath!! (...or breath... or wrooch?!... never mind!). 
More of those beauties to come!

Dress - "Mezzo Italy" bought from a local store
Yellow cardi - Asos 
Belt - Vintage (80's maybe?) from mommy!
Tights - beige fish-net
Shoes - Hunter
Brooch - handmade
Glasses - Dior

Till next time! xxx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A gloomy Sunday

 This Sunday didn't start as a bad one, although I've been having a weird feeling all week... It soon turned into an awful day that I want to forget as soon as possible.... Our kitty was just found dead.... 

 That's him playing with a log a couple of nights ago... I can't believe we've lost him. 
 George went for a walk with Billy (our dog) and when he came back I knew something terribly wrong had happened. He was pale and told me the bad news. He saw Cartman dead in the middle of the street, hit by a car.... Cartman was the kitty's name as you have guessed: he was the only male in the pack, the youngest, funniest and the one we both raised from a stray kitty.
 His life was short, but full of happy moments. He was a fighter and that was established as soon as he ran out of a garbage bin and followed George and Billy home! Animals have such an instinct for good people. And he found good people and a good company and he lived his short life with us....

 And now we have to go on like nothing big happened and to live knowing that he won't be sleeping on his pillow, he's not gonna play finger-football again (he would grab our hands and kick with his back feet... awesome!), he's not gonna stalk us again when we open the door and he's not gonna talk to us again... (yeah... he was a talking cat!). We also have to live knowing that in this country nobody gets punished for driving with over 90 km/hour in a quiet narrow street resulting dead cats or kids..... and causing all that pain to others...

 We' ve both been crying for a while... so I guess this post is for closure and I'm sorry I'm blackening yet another weekend...

So long little fellow.
Rest in peace. We loved you a lot...
Thanks for loving us back no matter what....

+Billy+Dina+Sporitsa (the rest of our family)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quickie outfit post!

                  Hey!! It's the weekend!! Yayyy!
Here I am catching some of the morning sun!  First time I felt so warm and I think spring is here to stay this time! No more cold days! 


Skirt - I&D, local store
Top - Asos
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - gift
Belt - Really old/can't remember
Shoes - Hunter
Glasses - Dior

 That's not a mean look... It's a "too hot for spring, maybe we should go for swimming?" look!

See you next time!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One top....two skirts

 Back to a more normal blogging routine! I'm fine now and already took care of some unfinished projects. The weather is warming up, we have our ups and downs, but spring is on the way fast!!
 So.. back to remixing those outfits, cause hey... I might be slow, but I'm not a quitter!!

 The basis here is a combination of a burgundy top, a blue sleeveless one and a grey cardigan

 For the first outfit it's worn with a chocolate brown skirt, boots and belt to kind of keep it simple and neutral. Oh, and the "Flower Power Girl" necklace - first time seen here! Although I've made this necklace having in mind a summer outfit - something like "a romantic white dress floating in the wind and I'm walking barefoot on a sandy beach" sort of outfit - I can now see it's pretty verstile and can be incorporated in winter outfits as well!! Me.Happy!

 For the second outfit, since the top combination is already loud, I've paired it with a louder skirt, just for the fun of it! I think it works with the floral skirt, what do you think?

 By the way, these are views of our balcony and my lousy attempts in gardening! 

Outfit 1:

Skirt - local flea market
Burgundy top - Calzedonia
Blue Top - Asos
Cardi - Urban Outfitters
Grey long scarf - American Apparel
Belt - Local store
Shoes - Local store
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Glasses - Vogue
Necklace - handmade 

Outfit 2:

Skirt - I&D, local store
Scarf - from the store I used to work
Belt - Asos
Shoes - Hunter
Glasses - Vogue

Monday, April 4, 2011

A flashback to the past....

 Hey everybody! Thank you for all your concern and kind comments! I'm all better now (though still coughing a little bit and on to antibiotics for 3 more days). 
 I'm apparently in no mood for dressing up, plus life caught up with me and I have to do A LOT of housework (bliah!): washing balconies, cleaning,, washing clothes, ironing e.t.c. I also have to put some prices on the jewellery I've made, because people keep asking me and I don't know what to say yet! 
 So just to keep in touch I thought it'd be fun to share some pics from the past and the embarassement that goes with them!! Here we go:

Here I am rocking white-framed sunglasses!
....going topless
Holding my baby brother on our parents bed (age 5)
"Helping" dad drive his fishing boat, while dragging my own boat!
Dancing traditional folk songs (age 9)... Notice the hip fuchsia geek glasses!  
 Skipping the awkward high school years (early 90's - sooooo ugly, I don't even have any pics!), here I am in my early 20's (short hair rule!!!)

Trip to some greek island (I suck at remembering names...) / on the boat
Corporate years... ohhh the glitter!! (age 22)
Happy "art" years in college!/ trip with the classmates in Italy (age 25)
My working outfit!! Talking about serious "bad hair days" here...! (2 years ago)

 Now, if those pics aren't the proof that I was always advanced in fashion then I don't know what is!! See ya in a couple of days!! xxx