Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea inspired necklace and a glimpse of Paris!

 Hey everybody! My hand still hurts a lot, so I'm trying to restrict to minimal typing! I won't be commenting a lot either during this week... but I am still reading your lovely posts!  Here's a new style necklace, very suitable for summer outfits! And some pieces of wood I picked by the beach in Poulithra, to use in something and recycle! 

And since everybody loves Paris so much, here are the first pics!
Enjoy them and stay in love!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New jewellery with a vintage twist!

Hi everybody! How are you??
 Today I'm feeling very laconic. To make this quick - sad news of the day: it's a critical day today for my country. Let's hope for the best. Sad personal news of the day: my right hand hurts a lot - I mean a lot - and I probably have tendinitis. Here's another reason for being laconic. Good news of the day : I've made some cool jewellery while experimenting with chain, lace and some beads! Enjoy them (along with some pic. editing experiments!). Kisses to all! 

P.S. - The lovely Eiffel Tower miniatures and box (originally filled with delicious butter candies) are the gifts my brother and his girlfriend brought us from a trip to Paris last week! You guessed it - I have 600 unedited photos of Paris and I intend to show them all to you!! Be brave!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Peace of mind (.... οι ψαράδες μου κάνουν "τουϊτ" )

 Hello lovely readers! Anybody noticed my absence? Did you miss me? I thought so.... I missed you too!
  Last post I told you I was feeling a bit uninspired and under the weather. I've been a bit depressed, being unemployed and all.... and found it hard to concentrate. My lovely Norwegian friend I. (I've mentioned her in this post) , noticed that and made me an offer I couldn't resist!! 

 She suggested that we spent a couple of days in a small village nearby, Poulithra. Those of you who read the blog for a while, might remember, that last time we've been there, we had a car accident (read about that here).  I decided to set my fears aside and just go! I'm glad I did! 

  We had 3 days of fun and relaxation! Me, my friend I. and her cute dog Poppy, did a lot of swimming, chatting, eating good food, reading books and just being lazy under the sun! No internet connection - that was new! (και κανείς δε μου έκανε "follow".... )

Poppy had the best time!

Hi there! Fancy my new hat??
 And although I terribly missed my lovely bf (yes... I'm corny, I know), some exclusive "girl-time" is always refreshing!! Besides how often do you get to swim with ducks??

Yes, a duck....

...right there, by the beach!
...Followed by more ducks, in the water!

Another beach (duck-free and people-free)
...Dimi happy, under the shadow of a cliff!
 I came back last night, sooo tired but feeling fresh, did a little catching up with your blogs and I'm off to take pics of those jewellery I've been making lately! I hope you're all in summer mood! See you next time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is here...

....and I'm so uninspired. My mood is not at it's best and I think I have a writer's block (I always wanted to say that...! Look ma.. I'm a writer!). Sometimes, I just want to be left alone. It's one of those times.... So I turned my frustration to tenacity and have been making jewellery like the end of the world is near!!! But I'm too lazy to take pics, edit and post about that! 
 So a lesson of self-control today: "This is what you can score if you're patient enough to shop your swimsuit in November and wait for a year before you actually wear it!!"

 I got those babies with a rockin' 70% off!! (via ASOS sales).
And of course my keen, trained-for-high-fashion eye foresaw that color-blocking and blue will be big this summer!! I can't wait to wear those! Have a happy, safe summer you all!

p.s. styling of the pics by yours truly (see? I can take cool pics if I bother for a whole day!)
Blue swimsuit by "Antik Batik"
50's colorful swimsuit "Pistol Panties" by Deborah Fleming
Sunglasses by Dior
"Playboy Marge" brooch by Necty
Wooden, silver and gold bangles I own for years!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amazing U.O. Boutique Sale!!

 Ok.... I realize that this post is totally different and of much less importance than the previous one. But that's life!! Things happen, good or bad. And this is good!! Very good actually!

 Lovely Urban Outfitters - favorite brand of many bloggers - has a boutique sale up to 50%! That's designer clothes people! I'm just a poor Greek on a shopping ban (for the most part of my life and many years to come obviously - haha!) but if you're not - HURRY UP!! You can find.....

See By Chloe Tie Chiffon Ruffle Top for 90 euro
Anglomania Butterfly Mac for 260 euro

Evil Twin Skin & Bones Maxi Dress for 75 euro
....Shoes and accessories too!!

Melissa Black Peep Toe Wedges for 75 euro

And if you're a very rich person and see this post and buy designer goodies at half the price, and want to pay me off, please feel free to send me any of the above!! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot girlz under the sun! (looong post)

 Hello lovely readers of my almost abandoned blog!! I want to welcome all the new followers (I hope you like it here and you'll stick around) and thank the old ones for supporting me and for always leaving all your nice comments (which take time and effort and extra care, so I appreciate each and every one)!!
You people keep me going!!
 This has been a week that flew by so fast... I did a lot of housework, some new jewellery making and a lot of protesting against I.M.F. and the current greek government! (for new readers - things in Greece are a little hectic lately! A lot of political and social action is going on and many of us are actively involved). I was also out of internet for 3 days due to some network malfunction or something!

  On to some fashion pics now! Latest outfit I wore yesterday for a coffee in the sun with two friends! One of those friends is also my neighbor, which is so cool! Neighbors can be a real pain in the... you know, but when they are nice people that you get along, it's so great! I'm lucky that my neighbors are young and fashionable girls like me (and they love and support my jewellery too)! After the coffee and the catching-up I was trying to persuade them to take pics and show up in my blog.... The first reaction was this one...

.....but finally they changed their mind! 

That's Χρυσάνθη (Chrysanthi)....
 So it's nice to see some fresh faces around here (see? I do have friends! Some of them are not imaginary, they do exist!). It was fun to have some support while taking pics in public (I think by now I'm the town's "crazy lady" who takes pics of herself!). 

And this is Γεωργία (Georgia), my neighbor.
 Fun fact that most of you probably don't know: Can you see the blue building behind us? This is CHS - Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, which is an annex of Harvard University in Europe!! Did you know we have Harvard students in our town? You do now!


Skirt - Sprider stores
Top - American Apparel (via Asos)
Scarf - Asos
Belt - Local shop
Shoes - Kill Doll
Glasses - Dior

 Oh, I almost forgot!! Thanks everyone for voting in my poll! I took the outcome into consideration and thought about it a lot. Remixers have already started with the 30 for 30 summer remix. I won't join them this time!! I will be posting outfit pics of course...  I could even make a "top 30 summer outfits" to make it kind of more organized, but like Ashley said in her comment: "It's summer, it's supposed to be a relaxing period!".
 So I won't commit to remixing this time! But stay tuned for more summer dresses, jewellery making, tutorials and a lot of greek craziness!! Love you - don't forget to keep smiling! 

And a banner all my Greek followers will understand hopefully...!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A summer dress and a question!

 Thanks for your advice everybody! Technology issues freak me out, because I'm such a beginner and everything seems difficult! 
 Turns out that Blogger isn't PMS-ing today and doesn't reject my server now!! I can upload once again! But since I've had it I also created a Photobucket (and Flickr) account as a back-up.
  So if you can see my silly face below... everything works smoothly! You can now view all my jewellery in Flickr and all my post pics in Photobucket! (under the name Little Witches - Tiny Wizards hopefully!). Please let me know if you try this!

In your face... blogger!! Ha!
Back to outfits, this is the purple summer dress I told you about! It's one of those dresses that makes you happy and it cost 12 euros, so I had to buy it in another color, right? Wouldn't you? For 12 euros? Sometimes shopping makes me happy! (For years!!Because this is a 4 years-old dress and I'm still happy!)

See? Me happy!
My famous "Hurry up, I've got to pee..." modelling posture!

 You saw the dress - so let's now move on to the question! Many of my followers started following my blog, after I joined Kendi's "30 for 30" winter remix! Most of you probably remember that challenge! I was very happy and relieved to finish my remix some months ago, cause boy, it was hard! (If you're new around here, check this!)

Nafplio's Port

 Kendi is soon starting the new "30 for 30" summer remix! This time it's going to be even harder, because my summer wardrobe mainly consists of summer dresses. So I'm facing this dilemma now, about whether I should participate or not... Because how on earth can you remix summer-dresses?? I can use different belts and scarves maybe, but will that be fun for you guys? And will I make it to 30 (sometime before Christmas??).
 But since you're reading this blog, I thought I'll just ask you! So please take this poll and help me out here!


Should I participate in Kendi's "30 for 30" summer remix

Bourtzi Castle

Monday, June 6, 2011

Help me out with blogger please!!

 Blogger is getting on my nerves lately... Sorry blogger, I hate to hurt your feelings, but I've had enough of you already!! It seems that every other day I have a small blog issue that is time consuming, let alone irritating!
 Today's problem: I can't upload pictures from my computer anymore... I get a "server rejected" message! I've seen in some blogs that there's a point that you reach a limit and you can't upload! What's the point of having a free platform if it's making your life miserable?!? (I'm warning you here blogger, in case you don't get it!!). And how can you reach a limit in just 6 months of blogging?
 Lovely readers, if you know the alternative way of uploading please leave a comment! I suspect I need a couple of days to figure that on my own and in the meantime I have a nice summer-dress I want to share with you... but I can't! 
 And Blogger... if you keep doing your thing, you'll have to speak to my lawyer next time!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Giveaway winners!!

 Happy Sunday everyone! 
 I'm just done with my giveaway winners, but I'm too happy/nervous to post this on Monday like I promised! So are you ready for some excitement? Here we go:

 I'm a traditional gal, so no high-tech gadgets here! I just wrote down the names of all of you who left your lovely comments, doubled the entries for my followers (pretty much everyone...) and cut them in stripes.

I then rolled the stripes and put them all in a box and......

 The first winner is Dear Girl and the second is Irene (Ειρήνη)!  I'm very pleased that one of them is american and the other one is greek - I was kind of hoping we'd get some variety and we did!! Thank you all for following, participating, commenting or just stopping by! You make my days shiny!! I hope the two lovely winners will always be lucky in their lives! Next giveaway when we reach 100 followers!! Many kisses to all!

p.s. Girlz, please send me your lovely addresses so I can send your little gifts ASAP!! :) :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some new creations!!

 Hi everybody! How are you? I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend!! I've been making some new jewellery during the week and I wanted to share! My goal was to create some simple designs, yet fashionable and unique. I was pretty pleased with the result!! Here are some of them:

Funky earrings and bracelets!

New versatile tassel bangles!

Elegant red bracelet and earrings
Romantic glass bead necklaces....
...and earrings.
And a unisex key-chain!
 I hope you like them! I'm sorry for the terrible pic quality - I'm afraid that's the best I can do with an 8 mp camera and my skills...
 I'm very nervous about the giveaway winners!! I'm nervous enough to mix the days and think that today is Sunday! So I woke up, had my coffee, did a little blog reading and was about to announce the winners!!! Then it hit me that it still is Saturday and we all have to wait one more day! The giveaway is over, so no more entries please, but please come back tomorrow to check if it's you who won!! Kisses darlings!!