Monday, April 4, 2011

A flashback to the past....

 Hey everybody! Thank you for all your concern and kind comments! I'm all better now (though still coughing a little bit and on to antibiotics for 3 more days). 
 I'm apparently in no mood for dressing up, plus life caught up with me and I have to do A LOT of housework (bliah!): washing balconies, cleaning,, washing clothes, ironing e.t.c. I also have to put some prices on the jewellery I've made, because people keep asking me and I don't know what to say yet! 
 So just to keep in touch I thought it'd be fun to share some pics from the past and the embarassement that goes with them!! Here we go:

Here I am rocking white-framed sunglasses!
....going topless
Holding my baby brother on our parents bed (age 5)
"Helping" dad drive his fishing boat, while dragging my own boat!
Dancing traditional folk songs (age 9)... Notice the hip fuchsia geek glasses!  
 Skipping the awkward high school years (early 90's - sooooo ugly, I don't even have any pics!), here I am in my early 20's (short hair rule!!!)

Trip to some greek island (I suck at remembering names...) / on the boat
Corporate years... ohhh the glitter!! (age 22)
Happy "art" years in college!/ trip with the classmates in Italy (age 25)
My working outfit!! Talking about serious "bad hair days" here...! (2 years ago)

 Now, if those pics aren't the proof that I was always advanced in fashion then I don't know what is!! See ya in a couple of days!! xxx


  1. Great flashback! You've changed so much through the years! Thank God for the "new, improved" you! hahahaha

    p.s. I didn't forget you. I'll send you an e-mail with all the information you need soon!
    Kisses! :-)

  2. You certainly know how to rock a pair of glasses!

  3. Adorable! I love early pictures and these are special. Thanks for sharing them, buddy.

  4. Thank you all guys!! I was a geeky nerd, studying all the time! I'm glad you like my pics!

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear about the tonsilitis... that majorly sucks! Get well and don't try to do too much.

    Also, I love your childhood pictures! I was kind of the same at various points in my life... I might have to scan some whenever I catch up with my family and the photo collection. That one with your brother is so cute!

  6. Thank you sweety! Childhood pics are always interesting, aren't they? I'd love to see yours!!

  7. Hello! In respect of your comment, THANKS for your opinion. Im glad to read your point of view and your thoughts. Im very simple when I spoke about someone.... and I only want to see his job because is for what I feel passion. Im following, LOVE the people who says their real opinion :) Follow me if you want!


  8. I will! And I realised you had the best of intentions about Galliano and you obviously admire his work - that's why I wrote at your blog. The way I see it we are who we are and we do what we do and I try to be objective about both. BTW, I'm pisces too! Welcome to my blog!! :)
    p.s. - My God, you have A LOT of followers! Wow...!

  9. OMG OMG OMG I just got my prezzies from you! LOVE them! I already have plans to wear them tomorrow. I'll post pics on my blog, yes?

    I've gotta say, 1) you have serious talent, 2) put some prices on those pieces, girl, because they WILL sell!, and 3) I loved the packaging too. Simple, elegant, but with a fun touch.

    Glad you're starting to feel better! And I loved seeing all these pictures of you. So cute when you were younger (and older, and now, of course too). You're TOTALLY rocking the short hair, too. Makes me want to try it.

    Thanks again honey bunches!!

  10. Great pics. They all made me grin from ear to ear. The topless beach shot is priceless. And I love the happy art shot too! All fab.OH, and the one with you holding your baby brother. That one is just too freak'n cute!


  11. ah, i love these photos!!!!! its funny how our style evolves over time. i LOVE your pink glasses from back in the day! :)

  12. Oh I'm so glad you like them Ashley!! Thanks for all your support! It's amazing to hear (from others) that I have some talent, as I tend to be too damn hard on me and easily disappointed!

    Tracy sweety thank you! I appreciate all your nice comments, although I didn't have the time to introduce myself properly to you! I love your blog I gotta say!

    Pink and fuchsia and butterfly shaped.. eeeeek! I was so glad when I finally broke them and bought some "serious" one! Back then I hated them and I wanted to be "normal" like the other kids (I was also dragging around 2 asthma devices, so you can get the whole picture! HA!). But now glasses are my fav. accessories! I missed your comments dear! I'm glad you're doing so smoothly in your new job and all!!!

    You people are all awesome! :) :) :)

  13. Kalws se brhkaaaaaa!!!kala ti apiseutes fwtografies apo thn paidikh s hlikia einai autes???polu glukia hsounaaaa!!!!xexe
    kalh epituxia me tis doulitses s ....kouragio kai elpizw na teleiwneis suntoma me thn arrwstia kai thn antibiwsh!!!

    P.s spoudazw gewlogiaaaaaaa...xixi kai s euxaristw polu gia ta kala s logia


  14. Thank you dear!!! Welcome! Μ' αρέσουν πολύ και εμένα αυτά που φτιάχνεις!! Εγώ είμαι ακόμα στο στάδιο αρχάριος!! Καλώς ήρθες!

  15. what an awesome little trip down memory lane... thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh no, tonsillitis! I am glad you're feeling better, hon.

    You are so cute in all those pictures!

  17. Thank you! I like old pics!! And Sheila, I'm much better now, thank you dear!

  18. oh myyy!! how cute! Greek ladies seem to be interesting, i have'nt been in touched with anyone except you and I like your beauty! You look adorable and even some fashionable pics while young! re my long hair, I know-- i missed it but when i gave birth I seem can't fix it very nicely so i gave up=( thinking to regrow it again...=)

  19. Thank you my dear girl!!That's some compliment! Truth is, living in Greece is really challenging for the majority of people. Thus you get to meet very unique people. Most of us are kind os suspicious yet friendly and if you gain our trust and respect you have a friend for life! Or at least that's how I perceive the reality around me...!
    Hair... I know... I'm hopeless too!

  20. Hi there! I'm a new visitor and follower and I'm insanely envious of your beautiful blue waters to swim and play in! And I don't know what the helmet and flight gear is for but it sounds like a hell of a job!!

  21. Thank you sweety!! I'll follow back! I'm an interpreter in a fire-fighting helicopter during the summer months (fire season in Greece is June-October). It is indeed an awesome job and I consider myself to be very lucky! Kisses!

  22. Cuuuute! It's fun to see the style evolution. The glitter years, haha! I think anyone around our age has that "phase" to look back at.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!


  23. Thank you sweety! Did you notice the two shades of gold (and a couple more in the eyeshadow)!! I'm so glad I grew out of those phases!
    Wait - I did, didn't I? Haha!

  24. I'm soo glad you're feeling better! And these pictures are AWESOME, I especially love the childhood ones. You were such a cute toddler!!