Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playing with textures!

 Welcome to my headless post! 
Let's just focus on the outfit today...! Shall we? Hmmm....

 Still proud of remixing (on my own), here is my outfit from last night at the movies! Puzzled of why the sun is so bright? Well, I absolutely hate taking pics with a flash, so I had to reconstruct the outfit this morning! 
 Notice the word morning here - like early morning without coffee first - and you can understand why my facial expressions just refused to co-operate, thus leaving me with head-less post pics.... And I am mean I tell ya, I decapitated all of them!

 Back to the outfit, the weather is springy, but crazy: changing from wind, to sun, to clouds, to wind again! So why not mix seasons in my outfit too? Here I present a spring top  mixed with summer sandals, skirt and belt; and a winter bag and scarf! You call me "crazy homeless headless lady" - I call me "innovative and fashion advanced"!!Ha.

 Fancy my air-crane pin? It's a company pin and I add it on bags and jackets, because I love that crane! 
  And you can also see my new  fashionable "bird-nest ring", out of real pearls and wire! On second thought, after 3 hours of bending wire it was kind of stupid to combine real pearls that cost 60 euro with 0,5 cents worth of wire... But I'll play the artist card and stick to it!!

photo found here
 By the way the movie we saw was "The Rite". Not the best movie ever, but kind of fun to watch, just for the sake of the talented sir Anthony!


Skirt - Sprider stores
Grey Top - Asos maternity
Belt&Scarf - both vintage, from mommy
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - "On pedder"
Necklace - gift
Ring - handmade 

Bye-bye dears!


  1. That's a nice look, dimi. Your experiments are paying off and creating new fashion-possibilities for you.

  2. Thank you sweety!! It's fun to experiment and learn from the different styles of different bloggers! You're my inspiration for the "classic diva" look! kisses :)

  3. i love that you belted your scarf :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. All I see when I see Anthony Hopkins is Hannibal Lector. I've never heard of this movie's not part of the Hannibal series, is it?

    There has been many a time when I have been tempted to chop off my head in pictures. I totally understand about facial expressions not cooperating. Weird, isn't it? Sometimes I just look horrible. Ha!

    P.S. In response to your comment: the dress I'm wearing is part of the Go International collection for Target. Target is a pretty cheap, generic store here...clothes range from about $15-50 (more for jackets, but whatever). It also sells groceries, toys, books, electronics, cosmetics, home goods, and so all-purpose store! The Go International collections have been really popular. They work with a different designer about twice a year and put out designer collections for Target, so you get the designer style but at a more affordable price. For some reason, everyone must LOVE the Tucker dress I have! I've only seen it on a few other bloggers; I didn't realize it was such a hit with everyone! Shows how many blogs I read! ;)

  5. wow, this out fit is exotic...I had done the belted scarf before..but your scraf is a beauty! Ive been making necklaces today but seems i need more spacer beads..i went to bid on ebay a couple of items and realized, uhmm ill just buy a set of necklaces for a $1 in the flea market and untangle the beads!...thanks for recom the movie, we are a movie couple=)

  6. Oh thank you Margaret! I'll smile all day with your comment! (great blog?! Meee?! I'm just playing "dressing up" with friends!!)

    @ Ashley - No, no Hannibal, we've had enough of him! I think it's a new movie and it's about exorsisms (nothing new there...), but if you're into horror movies, Hopkins performance is great as usual and you get to see nice parts of Rome (Italy)!
    Thanks for the feedback on the dress! It's literally all over the place and I had no idea what Target is/are! Thank God we don't have these Megastores here!! (yet...). I really dislike that kind of shopping! And about the posing... I try hard to remember all the "Tyra" style advice about that, but if you see my "badass" look, you're gonna laugh for days! Obviously not cut out for modelling! Haha :)

    @Dear girl - Sweety thank you for your nice comments! I love that scarf, it belonged to my mom, from when she was a student (70's)! I was very excited she gave it to me!! Good luck with your jewellery! I can't wait to see them! I wish I could shop supplies in my town, but I have to go to Athens (160 km.), as we don't have any bead shops here! You can find great vintage jewellery and recycle them in flea markets! And I recommend the movie, only if you're into horror movies and Hopkins - otherwise it's kind of boring and with a predictable evil vs. good kind of plot!! (you're into horror, right?)

    Kisses to all! :)

  7. I Love to cut off my head in my shots because,most are done before I do hair and make up, And that makes it so easy. That out fit is super cute. Love the belt. !!and the ring awesome have a great Friday!! Hugs, Anne

  8. Thank you sweety!! I like headless too after all! Kisses :)

  9. Hey sugar! I think this whole play with texture really works. Loving it.

    I had to laugh about your face not cooperating. That happens to me all the time. I think at the time that maybe I'm looking sexy perhaps but when I examine the shots, I look like I'm angry/crazy. So, I understand the chopping of the head thing.


  10. Thank you dear! I love my readers - I didn't want you guys to see me in my morning glory - so off with the head!! Kisses!

  11. I love the color combination you are wearing here! What a good idea about chopping off your head :P I should do that sometimes too, heehee!

  12. Thank you sweety!! Have a nice weekend :)

  13. The belted scarf is such a cool idea. I need to try it out because I have a ton of scarves and never really know what to do with them. Beautiful! xoxo

  14. Thank you sweety! It's not my idea, but it's practical and elegant!! Kisses

  15. I really love the scarf and your bag! Love vintage hand-me downs from parents :)

  16. this is a great outfit, it's super bohemian casual, and I am totally inspired by the tiered midi-skirt and the belted scarf! and yes, pictures taken with the flash are cruel mistresses. I never have any luck with the flash!

  17. Free vintage is the best kind of vintage! I agree!! Thanks for following dear!
    I'm so glad I've inspired somebody Alex! It's very flattering! Thank you sweety! :)

  18. I love the idea of a nest ring! I might have to imitate you on this one if you don't mind :)

  19. Of course not dear!! Go ahead, I'm actually flattered! Besides the idea is not mine to begin with! It's one of the season's new trends, so if you don't want to bother with the making, you can find plenty in Etsy and DaWanda shops! :)

  20. love your bags!! :D and great skirt! cool outfit honey!


  21. wx.... kai d mporw ta thrilleeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!! :P
    Ta vintage commatia mporw na pw to apogweiwsan!!!! :D:D:D


  22. Hi Dimi, just stopping by to say Hi and hope you're having an awesome week.

    I love your shoes!

  23. Thank you girls! Tina eisai glyka!
    And Wendy you're so thoughtful, thank you sweety! Hi back! :)