Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some new bling-bling!

 Hello darlings! How are you?  Just in time you were thinking that I abandoned blogging.... here I am!
 Unfortunately I've been sick since Sunday night with tonsillitis! I don't know if this is how it's called in english because I just googled it, but I've had some fever, a lot of coughing and a sore throat that gave me the feeling that I've swallowed a ping-pong ball and it's somehow stuck! Eeeeeeek! 
  G'. dragged me to the doctor yesterday, but I just went there in my sweatpants and a sweater, so: no outfit pics!! 
 Here are some pics of the funky jewellery I've been making instead! Feel free to write your opinion about them! 

"Home, sweet home" half-finished brooch

"No kitty..... Bad kitty" brooch
"No kitty..... Bad kitty" bracelet
Bracelet + earrings (unnamed yet!)

I made those for me for a change!! I love them!!!
not for sale earrings!
"Unchain my heart" ribbon bracelet

Necklace with small glass shells, beads and lace (no name yet!)

I think this is my "master-piece" so far!
Made of amber, glass, wooden & acrylic beads and some leather & chain!
  Please, tell me which one you like the best!!
 Oh... and some new followers and comments wouldn't hurt either - me being sick and all... sniff! - but hey! No pressure!!

Many kisses!


  1. Mmm I like everything, but I really like the bracelet that goes with the earrings that are unnamed yet. It reminds me of something I was loving at J. Crew, but of course J. Crew's prices are wayyyy too much.

    Hope you're feeling in tip top shape soon! That does sound like tonsillitis, or strep throat. I was regularly sick with strep when I was younger, so believe me: I know how (awful) you feel! Take care, dahling.

  2. Thank you sweety!! I was like that too! I used to get it 3 times a year, now I get it once! This is my "once".... I'm on antibiotics, so I'm getting better...

  3. Oh, I hope you'll be feeling better soon! I love your new creations! Especially the kitty and the "unchain my heart"! I like that you give each one a special name! :-)

  4. Thank you dear! Sometimes I think of the name/theme first and then the jewel!!

  5. Great stuff, Dimi! I'm in lust over that "unchain my heart" bracelent. Would love that in a necklace too! Super duper cute! xo,Tracy

  6. Thank you Tracy!! I'll make a similar necklace then!

  7. You make me laugh!

    I like the no kitty bad kitty bracelet. Plus, I keep hearing Cartman's voice saying the name. :)

    I hope you feel better soon!


  8. Thank you sweet Jenn! Laughing is a serious matter to me!! Kisses!

  9. lucky you to have time making these jewelries! I wish I can make my own too...and you're right, Tonsillitis is the term=) ...i hope you are well now? take care sweetie.

  10. dimi I hope you feel better soon, what you're feeling sounds terrible... but I don't want to make you feel worse...

    about Indie Biz, you could still join, but there's only week of classes left... But this is the third year they've done it, and the second time I've done it (last year Anzouya was my classmate!), and it's really succesful. So if I had to guess, I'd say do it again next year, and the next and the next. Maybe you can join then?

    Now for you question, which is my favorite? Your masterpiece! I love the colors and its many beads all hanging out on the necklace!! Great job dimi!!!

    Get well soon!

  11. That jewelry is so pretty! That bobbly bracelet is my favorite I think. But I am sooo sorry to hear about your tonsillitis! :( That sounds awful!


  12. Dear Girl: truth is, I've been extremely lucky over the last 2 years! I was never considered lucky before that, so I'm egually grateful! Jewellery-making is relaxing for me...

    Louana: Thank you dear, I already am a whole lot better! Maybe I'll join next year! I feel pretty lost in the internet world right now! I'm glad Anzouya was there, I can see she learned a lot! (+ she's good at sharing). Kisses

  13. These items are amazing! But my favourite is the 'unchain my heart' bracelet, I love it! I probaby will be dreaming about it ;) Hope you're feeling better and have a lovely weekend =)

  14. Oh.... you make me blush my dear!!! Thank you, thank you - enjoy your weekend!

  15. These are all so beautiful but the kitty one is adorable!

    feel better soon!


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  16. Thank you so much!! I'll definitely check out the Project!

  17. ax ti teleia h karfitsa!!!!Trelainomai gia ta xrwmata!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D


  18. I seriously love the jewelry you made OMG how awesome are you.. So sorry you are sick. feel better soon. following you :) so excited!!

  19. Welcome!! Thank you so much... you make me blush! Awesome?? Oh well... I'm just starting out so this is so encouraging! Thankx for the sweet comment :)