Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogger meeting and news of the week

 Greetings lovely friends from around the world! It's a beautiful day, isn't it?? Did you miss me?? Cause I certainly missed you!
  The main reason for not posting this week - other than the fact that I was really busy - is my camera incident. I told you it's broken, but actually the screen at the back side of the camera is the one that broke. Which means that the camera works and gives you a false confidence that you'll get your pictures, but trust me when you point and shoot without seeing the result you can end up with 700 new pics and only 5 of them being presentable.... Bottom line - I need a new camera soon!!! (boo-hoo).

Theatrical masks outside the Parliament.

So the exciting news you've missed is that we've spent a couple of days in Athens. We met friends, had a good time and I had my first blogger meeting!! I didn't meet all the bloggers I had in mind because our time was restricted but I did meet one of them - Irini! My greek blog friends already know who I'm talking about, right? Irini is an amazing, sweet, friendly and really talented girl! I was so pleasantly surprised! We had a coffee, she bought one of my necklaces, gave me a lovely gift and she eagerly helped me out to shop for new jewellery supplies!

Irini  and her sweet smile!!

 If I were a decent blogger, I would have those pictures... but I'm not! Click here to visit Irini's lovely blog "the little craft workshop" and show her some genuine blog-love please! I also have to tell you, that I used to live in Athens for 8 years but moved back to Nafplio in 2005. So I also met up with my 3 best friends - Elina, Nikos and Christoforos - and that was so refreshing! I miss you guys, you know that!

Oh yeah - ice coffee by the sea!

After three exhausting days we had to hit the beach to get over the heatwave! (this country can be too damn hot sometimes)! A good book, a swim and a lovely meal at a traditional greek fish-tavern! What's more to ask in life?? 

Jealous?? I know...

 And to compensate for the lack of posting, I'm showing you my otherwise private tattoo! There, you now know my little secret!

First world exclusive tattoo pic! Shhh... don't tell!

 Nice to see you again people!! Don't forget to smile and appreciate the good things in life (usually the ones that come for free)! Cheers :)

Wish you were here


  1. Μπράβο Δήμητρα, είχα ενημερωθεί για τη συνάντηση σας πριν ακόμα γίνει!!! Χαίρομαι που περάσατε καλά (που είναι αυτονόητο) αλλά και για τις διακοπούλες σου...

  2. Seems that you had really a good time! And it's so nice meeting new people! I wish I could be there with you too. I could use a little supplies-shopping therapy in Athens! The only thing I miss of Athens ;-)
    Enjoy your summer sweety and always have fun! :-)

    p.s. Maybe your next trip should be in Corfu! ;-)

  3. Δημητρούλαααααα επιτέλους γνώρισα τη γλυκιά σου φατσούλα κι από κοντά!!!!
    Λοιπόν,θα πάρω τις γράνες και θα έρθω να σε βρω,εε;;
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!!!

  4. Κοριτσάκια καλό καλοκαίρι σε όλες!

    @Ελενίτσα ήταν υπέροχα! Άντε να σε δούμε και σένα!

    @Αnzouya - I've never been to Corfu and it's a magical place!! Maybe we can arrange that dear! Or another shopping trip to Athens? We'll talk - take care dear!

    @Ειρήνη - Κοριτσάκι μου και εγώ χάρηκα πάρα πάρα πολύ!! Εννοείται, όποτε θες!! Φιλιάκια!

  5. DImi mou! na pernas kala : ) panta! tin alli fora tha synathithoume glykia mou : )

  6. is it possible for me to just come in your suit case next time. I am jealous : )
    Fabulous beach and fabulous food!

  7. i tried posting a comment...not sure if it went through :s

  8. Ah, looks like you really enjoyed yourself! The tattoo is quite lovely, hihi :)) And I love all of the photos you posted!

    If you find the time, I'd love you to visit (and follow, but only if you like it!) my blog - www.sabinasupernova.com :)

  9. I love seeing you be happy. This is a wonderful post. I promise to keep your new ink a secret!

  10. Αχ τι τελειαααα!!! Blogger meet ups ROOOOCK WOOHOO! Να πω την αληθεια, ζηλευω πολυ πολυ! Ειμαι σιγουρη οτι ειναι πολυ ωραιο να γνωριζεις ατομα με τα ιδια ενδιαφεροντα :) Αλλα εχεις δικιο, αυτη η ζεστη δεν υποφερεται ωρες ωρες. Εγω μενω σε χωριο κοντα σε θαλασσα -ευτυχως!- αλλα και παλι η ζεστη ειναι ανυποφορη! Ααα δεν ηξερα οτι μενεις Ναυπλιο! ΛΑΤΡΕΥΩ ΝΑΥΠΛΙΟ!!! Ειναι απο τις πολυ πολυ αγαπημενες μου πολεις! Εχω ερθει τοσες φορες και δεν το βαριεμαι ποτε :) Αλλα αν θες διακοπουλες, ελα εδω στο Νομο Ηλειας! χαχαχα! Α και το τατουαζ μαμααααειιι!!!! :) See yaaaa ;)

  11. You are way too damn cute. I would love to be there with you!! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. @Demie - Thanks dear! Just tell me the date!

    @A fine balance - The food was good! And I'll be glad to meet you and have you over dear!

    @Sabina - Thanks dear! I think I'm following you already! :)

    @Shy - Thanks dear! My ink is more than 10 years old!! I'd love to have more!

    @Demy - Τρελοκόριτσο, αφού είσαι και κοντά θα συναντηθούμε σίγουρα!!

    @Bonnie - Thanks love! You're so kind that you're spoiling me! Come over any time! hihi

  13. Sorry about your camera. And I'm happy that you met Irini. She seems very sweet.

    Missed your posts!


  14. Poor camera...! I hope I'll be able to buy one (someday)! Irini is really sweet and very talented! Kisses dear!

  15. Awww that last photo is so sweet! I love these pics, even though your camera is broke :( Looks like you had an amazing time, send some of that food my way eh?

  16. Thanks sweety!! I'm glad you like seafood, I love it! Kisses :)

  17. wooooh...sexy...!!glad you had a blogger meet-up, i still have not done one=)! I am so jealous of the sea food, will u please remember them when i go there?=)

  18. Thanks D.G! If you ever come, we'll take you to all the fine places! :)

  19. Thanks dear!! Taken with a broken camera! :)

  20. dimaki μου φαίνεται πως τα πέρασες υπέροχα ε;;;
    πάντα έτσι να χαλαρώνεις και να ξεδίνεις!!!! φιλάκια πολλά!!!

  21. meeting up fellow bloggers is always fun!!..i have met a couple (including tanvi!!) and enjoyed their company each time...
    love ur tattoo and ur funky expressions!!

  22. Oh, Dimi, I am so jealous of your sunshine! You look like you are having so much fun!

    I love your tattoo - you wild girl, you. :)

    So sorry for not being around lately, life has been crazy...


  23. Looks so relaxing. I'm glad you had a good time, and I'm also excited that you got to meet another blogger! How much fun. We're having a giant Minnesota blogger's meet up here on the 23rd...I so wish you could be there! But, you know, of course, that's not a possibility. :P I'm still excited though.

    Is your tattoo on your neck or lower back? I can't tell! Must know these things, you know!

  24. @Neraiditsa - Thanks dear! Kisses! Have fun in Santorini! :)

    @Shooting star - Hi! And welcome! You're so right, it feels like meeting friends you haven't seen for a while! Tanvi is such a cool and original girl! Thanks for kind comment! :)

    Sheila - Thanks Sheila, kisses dear!!

    Ashley - Got a new job today - so no more relaxing! I'd love to come to that meeting! My tattoo is on my back and I have it for many many years!

  25. I love meeting other bloggers! And I am sooo jealous of your beach time!


  26. I agree!! I'd love to meet you too Leia, somehow..! :)

  27. Your blog has done more to make me want to visit Greece than any travel brochure or commercial could do. :) It's so gorgeous! (And so are you!)


  28. That's one of the sweetest compliments ever Jenn! I love my country and as much trouble as we're going through, Greece is a unique and beautiful country!! And I'd really love to meet each and every one of my blog-friends!! Thanks sweet Jenn! :)

  29. Dimi mo sefharisto gia ta comments : ) eisai katapliktiko paidi! filia : )

  30. This looks like an amazing blogger meet up and in Athens none the less (it's on my vacation wish list!) Very cute tattoo- I have a butterfly in the same spot (shh!)

  31. It was fun! Irini is so sweet and she helped me a lot!! :)

  32. That sounds like my Sunday, good seafood, good company, only i didn't hit the beach.

    I totally lol at your comment... don't worry i'll have you in mind should there be any further power cuts and should my mother in law need help eating ice-cream! ;)
    Have an amazing weekend koukla!

  33. Τι γλυκιά παρέα!!! Έκανα κι ένα update με τα προηγούμενα posts σου και θαύμασα τα έργα σου!
    Να περνάς τέλεια κούκλα!

  34. @Brit Greek - That sounds like an awesome Sunday! Ok then - waiting for your mother-in-law to call me! Or she could hire me as a "new cake taster" - I'm awfully talented at that!! Kisses :)

    @Nantia - Ευχαριστώ καλή μου!! Και εσύ να περνάς καλά και καλά μπανάκια!