Sunday, July 24, 2011

News of the week

Hi lovelies!!
  I missed you after being absent for a whole week but Greek summer is not to be taken lightly! Today is a kind of cooler day and the temp finally dropped a bit to 100F! I've been too hot, too lazy and totally uninspired... I need a new camera too! It's too time consuming to try to use my broken one so I just don't bother! But I'm saving to buy a new one and this is when I'll start posting like a normal person again! 

 My outfits lately are limited to easy wearing, cool summer dresses when going out and switching to a swim-suit and 5 showers a day when staying in! But still... I'm in heaven! Not only I love the summer and heat, but I spend all my days with my man. This is the first summer we spend together because he was working during the winter and I was working during the summer!! So we cherish each day that we get since the previous arrangement wasn't very convenient! And this is how I spent my last summer, to give you a clue!

 So... a little relaxing, swimming and cuddling is absolutely necessary this year if you see my point!! Back to normal life...on the ground! 
 Oh... my weird news I mentioned a couple of posts back! You all know I've been unemployed for a while. So when I found this new job I got really excited! I heard about this famous local painter who owns a small gallery and was asking for a girl to work there. Working in a gallery was always a fantasy of mine so I gave it a go! I was supposed to work there 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon! The payment was awful, but I live in a small town, with no real job opportunities... 
 First day was ok and the painter was kind and he was even interested in my work. So I brought him some drawings I've done when I started painting (I was 13 years old at the time) and some of my jewellery! When he saw my paintings he said: "It took me 15 years to get to that level of painting. You have a good hand". In all, a very satisfying comment if you're a low self-esteem artist like me!!

That's me - with an eeeewww face!
Second day though - not so ok - it became pretty clear that the 70-year-old painter was hitting on me!! Eeeewwwww! I freaked out - end of story.
Back to normal things: We also attended a concert of an amazing Greek Blues band this week! Yes, Greeks have the blues and we're proud of it!

 "Blues Wire" is a very talented and dedicated Blues Band, performing for more than 20 years, writing their own music and lyrics! We purchased their latest cd titled "Take my hand to the sky" and I recommend it to everyone who appreciates good music! Check out their work here.  Here's a song for you all! 

 I also want to send a hug and a special thank you to my newer blog friend Hermione (yes, that's a greek name!) for giving me my second blog award! 

 She has an awesome cooking blog with a lot of interesting experimental recipes that she comes up with for her baby daughter!! She writes in greek, but you can use google translate I guess - good food is a universal thing! Check her out here and send her your blog-love!! Thanks Hermione dear!!! You've made my week!
our naughty kitty

 Enjoy every day, drink a lot of water and bear with me during August - I'm gonna be a bad blogger!!


  1. Δημητρούλα μου κάτι άλλο θα βρεθεί,είπαμε δεν απογοητευόμαστε!!
    Μπορεί να χάνεσαι,αλλά επιστρέφεις με τόσο μεγάλες κ όμορφες αναρτήσεις που σε συγχωρούμε!! :))
    Σας εύχομαι να συνεχίσετε να περνάτε τέλεια!!!

  2. Αααχ δεν σε αδικω καθολου μα καθολου! Η ζεστη ειναι απλα αφορητη! Δυστυχως αυτο το καλοκαιρι εχω φροντιστηρια για την τριτη λυκειου του χρονου και δεν εχω χρονο να παω παραλια :( Τεεελος παντων, τουλαχιστον μπορώ να ζω μεσα απο εσενα χαχαχα!
    WHAT THE FUCK????? τι βιντεακι ειναι αυτο με το αεροπλανο??? :Ο WOWWWW!!!!
    Και καλα τι να πω για την καινουρια (και τεως) δουλεια;; δεν ειμαστε καλα! ΕΛΕΟΟΟΟΣ!! Καλα εκανες και το τελειωσες εκει. Ασε, καλυτερα να λειπουν τετοιες ιστοριες :@ αχ αχ, μια δουλιτσα ηρθε και ετυχε να ειναι ετσι σκατενια :@ τι να πεις; δεν πειραζει ρε δημητρα (ειμαστε και συνονοματες! :Ρ) οταν μια πορτα κλεινει, ανοιγει μια αλλη! :)
    Συγχαρητηρια και για το βραβειο! Θα κοιταξω το μπλογκ της κοπελας. Εγω με την κουζινα δεν εχω ιδαιτερα καλες σχεσεις αλλα η μαμα μου θα ενθουσιαστει! Και επισης ξεχασα να σου πω οτι το φορεματακι αυτο ειναι πολυ κουκλιστικο! Εισαι θεα, αγαπη μου, θεααα! :D
    Τα λεμεεεε!! Μπαααιιι! ;)

  3. A και btw, δεν εχω blog :( Ειχα λογαριασμο στην chictopia αλλα λογω των φροντιστηριων επρεπε να τον διαγραψω :( Τωρα ειμαι απλως πωρωμενη με fashion blogs! :) :)

  4. @Ειρήνη - Ευχαριστώ κούκλα! Τι τα θες? Τα είπαμε και την άλλη φορά! Αυτή η χώρα δεν έχει μέλλον, μόνο ένδοξο παρελθόν δυστυχώς... Δε βαριέσαι! Στενοχωρήθηκα δε σου κρύβω, γιατί είχα χαρεί αρκετά στην αρχή. Φιλάκια πολλά!

    @Demy - Γι' αυτό δε σε βρίσκω βρε κορίτσι πουθενά? Το βιντεάκι είναι από πυροσβεστικό ελικόπτερο, που ήταν η προηγούμενή μου δουλειά! (ήμουν σύνδεσμος/διερμηνέας). Η δουλειά ήταν καλή, αλλά πολύ το άγχος! Η Ερμιόνη σκίζει με τις συνταγές της! Και μη στενοχωριέσαι για τα μπανάκια, έχεις χρόνια μπροστά σου! Αλλά φοβάμαι πολύ για τη χώρα που θα σας παραδωθεί για να ζήσετε εσείς οι νεότεροι... δε σας βλέπω καλά! Γι' αυτό υπομονή και κουράγιο! Και πείσμα! Να περνάς καλά και αφού δεν έχεις blogaki μπορείς να στέλνεις και mail για να μιλάμε! Φιλάκια!!

  5. LOVe your dress. sorry about the eewy old man. love the face shot, and the blues band and glad you are back:)congrats on the award Too!

  6. Nice to hear from you sweety!! The kids in your workshop are very talented, did I tell you that? Keep up the good work! :)

  7. It looks SO hot there. I don't know how you survive. I guess that is why you wear dresses all the time, right??
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. That's your ew face? It looks like a "come over here, baby. meow." face. You are so beautiful. I'm loving that dress and your naughty kitty!

    So, you fly those planes? I'm freaking out and so impressed!!


  9. @Bonnie - Yeap... too hot!! And I'm supposed to like heat, but it's too much! One of the reasons that I wear dresses is because of the heat. But I also think they are more feminine, sexy and comfortable! In all, I feel better in dresses and skirts!

    @Tracy - Hahaha! Yes, that was a tired/crooked smile and not a sexy one! But thank you so much!!
    The video is from my last job - nothing to do with piloting! I was working in a firefighting american helicopter and I was mainly translating radio communications for the pilots. We were 3 or 4 people in the cockpit and I was riding backwards, behind the pilot's seat. Don't be impressed: I was too damn scared to keep doing that job... The flying part didn't scare me though, I loved it!!

  10. Wow, what a week koukla! Congratulations on your new job, you are officially Charlotte from SATC!!! Plus congrats on the blog award.

    I bought my last camera online (in Greece), it was way cheaper than in Public/Kotsovolos! so when you know what you're looking for check out skroutz first to compare. I went with a company called Katerelos.

  11. Thanks dear! Though, being Charlotte lasted for 2 days! Thanks for the tip! I'm hopeless when it comes to shopping!

  12. just go on with your painting please! and wearing so beautiful clothes. and loving life the way you do. thanks for your comments the other day. your kindness and your compassion

  13. ohh sweet kitty! :) very complete this post


  14. @Demie - Thanks dear - Likewise! I'm so sorry for Norway. I have many Norwegian friends and it's one of my favorite countries... What a tragedy.

    @S.b.T - Thanks dear! :)

  15. Όπως λέει και ο "καλός μου", ΚΑΛΗ ΚΑΡΔΙΑ! Δε βαριέσαι, όλα καλά θα πάνε, με τον έναν ή τον άλλον τρόπο. Look at the bright side, περνάς ένα -σχετικά-χαλαρό καλοκαίρι (και λέω σχετικά γιατί όσο να'ναι, χωρίς δουλειά όλοι νιώθουμε ανασφάλεια και δεν μπορούμε να χαλαρώσουμε), απολαμβάνεις τις στιγμές με το ταίρι σου, κάνεις τα μπανάκια σου, πας στις συναυλίες σου, όλα μια χαρά. Γέμιζε μπαταρίες για τον χειμώνα που έρχεται!
    Όσο για την νυν και τέως δουλειά... τρομερή απογοήτευση, αλλά από την άλλη δεν έβαλες και τα γέλια; Είναι από αυτές τις στιγμές που λές "Μα,καλά... ΟΛΑ τα περίεργα σ'εμένα;!"
    Καλό υπόλοιπο καλοκαιριού να έχεις και να είσαι πάντα χαμογελαστή και χαρούμενη! Φιλιά πολλά! :-)

  16. Its a good picture! You flew the planes?? Polu wraio!

  17. @Anzouya - Thanks dear - Kisses!

    @S.A. - Thanks! No, I'm not a pilot! But I was flying in that helicopter! (for more than 100 hours actually)! Are you back from your holiday? Kisses :)

  18. Wow, you live such an amazing & eventful life! Glad to know that the heat isn't just here, ick. You are so rockin' this dress! Very pretty :)

  19. Thanks lovely Sara!! Sometimes I wish I had a normal, quiet life but I've learned to embrace the craziness around me! (the hard way that is)! Now, I'm so grateful for the things I have!! (including you - my loyal blog-friends!) Kisses

  20. Congratulations!! :) And that dress looks great on you ... ! Also, thank you for all heartfelt wishes and thoughtful comments you left. Really appreciate it!!!

    ♡ from ©

  21. @Prutha - Thanks Prutha!

    @Tanvi - Thanks Tanvi! I think you're a very genuine person and I appreciate that. If you were from around here, I'm sure I'd love to hang out with you!

    @Mairyliscious - Ευχαριστώ καλή μου! Έχω μια αδυναμία στις γατούλες γενικώς!

  22. That dress is sooo pretty! It's so cold in London dimi you wouldn't believe. I am sitting here wrapped up in a shawl! :(


  23. Hey lovely Leia!! I could use some cold weather right now!! Can't you make a stop to Greece on your way home??? Kisses!

  24. Wow what a neat job to work translating radio communications and the job at the art gallery sounds neat but not if there's an old perv hitting on you! You look beautiful in summery dresses all tanned and what a sweet naughty kitty! Stay cool in the heat!

  25. Are you still working there? Ew! Of course, just because he's old doesn't mean he has bad taste, right? You look beautiful in brights!


    P.S. Laughing at the second comment down which to me looks like this: Greek Greek Greek WHAT THE F$@& Greek Greek Greek. Good to know that phrase is universal. Ha ha!

  26. egw apofeygw pthseis panw apo 4 wres k sy douleyes se elikoptero??eleoooooooooossss...k dn erijes mia mpafla sto ramoli???

  27. @Tinfoil Tiaras - Thanks lovely Em!

    @Jenn - Oh no... It only lasted 2 days, that's all I could take! Thanks for the compliment dear! And, yes, that phrase is universal!! We use it all the time! LOL :)

    @Kot-itsa - Το πρόβλημα κοτίτσα ήταν ότι εγώ αποφεύγω ακόμα και τις διαδρομές με αυτοκίνητο πάνω από 4 ώρες! Πώς βρέθηκα να πετάω με το ελικόπτερο και να κάνω 16 ώρες βάρδια... μην τα ρωτάς! Αλλά όταν βρέθηκε και το ραμολί, με έπιασε μια νοσταλγία για τη δουλειά, που τουλάχιστον οι άντρες ήταν δεμένοι στο κάθισμα! Χιχι! I love Greece! Live your myth baby!! :)

    @Audrey - Thank you dear Audrey! Your kindness is so much appreciated! Have a lovely day :)

  28. hahaha your cat is awesome! I love cats. I wish I still had time for one!

    x. jill

  29. Thanks Jill! We used to have 4 cats, but know we have only two!

  30. I really enjoyed that clip of Blues Wire. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Thanks dear! They're really talented and have been characterized as the best blues band in Europe!

  32. just found your blog
    love it!

    Check out my new post.: Lost sommer
    Would love to have you as a follower.

  33. Thanks! Sure I'll check it out! See ya! :)

  34. Nice colors on the dress !! :)

    Enjoy your summer !! And I have too been a bad blogger lately , summer is keeping me busy ^^

  35. Thanks Victoria! Have fun dear!!

  36. Hi dimi, missed a lot of your posts, looks like your summer is indeed interesting, did u skydiving?!
    you look great esp when the cam is straight to your face!

  37. My summer was very quiet and relaxing! The pics were taken last year, when I was working for an air-crane company! (that was indeed interesting). I missed your posts too, but I figured that you probably were busy and not in a blogging mood! (same here actually). Happy fall dear!!

  38. You look very pretty in that dress. It's summery and chic. and hey! Congratulations on your new job. The last pic is cutee. I love kittens :)


  39. Thank you dear, you're so kind! Welcome! :)

  40. You look amazing in that special blouse, right? I bet you have the superb feeling on it. And your shining eyes and the pretty smiles, fantastic, love every single piece.

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  41. Well thank you very much! What a nice and sweet thing to say! Have a nice day dear! :)