Friday, July 15, 2011

Color-blocking necklace

 Good morning everyone!! How are you today darlings? I've had a couple of weird days lately... I'll explain! 
 But first let's talk about fashion, right? We all know by now how hot is the new trend of color-blocking for the summer! I'm a big fan of bright colors and a bigger fan of incorporating fashion in everyday style! So I love the new trend but can't really see me in bright fuchsia pants! And since many bloggers post their version of color-blocking, here's mine:

 I made this necklace with new and recycled beads (wood, acrylic, felt, glass) and a vintage looking silver chain. In my opinion (and you all know I'm objective, right? hihi) the necklace is a "statement" piece of jewellery and expresses color-blocking pretty accurately! Plus it could be combined with way too many trendy outfits: I wore it with a very long, white vintage dress (you'll see some pics of that soon) and you could wear it with jeans and a top, a plain skirt or whatever! 

Quiz of the day! - Who is the mysterious blogger who has killer legs and recently sent me the trendy color-blocking scented Fashionista candle? Can you tell?? Can you? If you think you can, leave your comment. The correct answer wins a little something made with love by crazy Dimi!! Leave your answer within 24 hours! If more than one wins, you'll all get your something something- and don't cheat!!

The reasons for doing this are:

a) Dimi is happy when she gets gifts!
b) Dimi wants to share the love and magic that you only get out of goodness!
c) After two weird days, Dimi realized that she is ready to launch her business - making unique jewellery with love and sharing them till the world is full of goodies (....and goodness. And love. And magic. And some more goodness....).
 I've tried and failed and tried more and I think I am now ready to take up orders and make cute stuff for YOU! So, anybody out there who would like any of the jewellery already posted in the blog, you can now get it (if not sold, because I only make each piece ONCE and only ONCE) or you could buy your own custom jewellery! For orders and info you can use my email (new button on the right side of the blog). Wish me luck darlings!

Random earrings (sold, so not for order btw)

p.s. - If you expected I'd tell you about my two weird days in this post... you don't really know me!
Hihihi (evil laugh)! You'll have to come back next time, I'm afraid!


  1. Pretty candle! You must have nice friends. :)

  2. Thanks! I choose wisely! :)

  3. Χαχαχα!!!είσαι απίστευτη!!
    Λοιπόν,δυστυχώς δεν μπορώ να μαντέψω,οπότε αυτό σημαίνει ότι μάλλον δε θα κερδίσω κάτι...
    Καλή επιτυχία στις νέες σου δραστηριότητες!Νομίζω ότι θα τα πας πολύ καλά,γιατί έχεις φοβερή φαντασία και τόση καλή διάθεση που επηρεάζεις θετικά τα πάντα γύρω σου!!!

  4. Όμορφα και χαρούμενα όλα!!! Μπράβοοο!!!

  5. Good luck with your fresh start! You are improving day by day and I'm really proud of you! I hope that the orders for your custom one-of-a-kind jewelery will start falling like rain! ;-)
    You deserve it! :-)

  6. Woo hoo! I'm so excited for you my talented friend!

  7. Thank you all my dear girlz! Kisses

  8. I have no idea who sent you that candle, but it sure is nice. I'm excited for you that you've started your jewelry business, good luck! And what's color blocking?

  9. Awwwww!!! This is way too cute. I am in love with the color combinations that were used.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. @Louana - Thank you dear! Color-blocking is a fashion trend that made a big come-back last Spring! You can read this very helpful article if you need all the info!!

    @Bonnie - Thanks darling! Color-blocking is one favorite trend of mine! Kisses :)

  11. What a lovely necklace! I envy all you creative people. Color blocking has been one of my favorite trends this summer. I use to be a black and grey girl, but not this summer. It's been all about the color!

    Good luck on the launch of your jewelry business.

  12. The one with great legs is Shybiker for SURE. Am I right?

    You make lovely jewelry. Good luck and congrats on your business adventure!

    Thanks for your encouraging words today!


  13. Beautiful jewelry!
    I love the necklace :D

  14. @Style Journey - Thank you, that's so kind of you!! Welcome to my blog, glad to have you! I do not follow fashion closely, but color-blocking seems fascinating to me!

    @Tracy - Could be... can't say yet - but you're the only one who tried so far! Thanks dear!

    @S and O - Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you like them!

  15. How exciting Dimi! And I can't wait to see the necklace on you. I'm sure you look amazing!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  16. Thanks Jenn! If only I could dare to start an Etsy shop - it seems so chaotic!! :)

  17. Wow great piece you made! I love the color palette you used - right up my alley!


  18. great designs, love the colors you used! Perfect for the summer!!

  19. Thank you Judy and Marcia! :)

  20. Τι όμορφα χρώματα!!! Καλοκαιρινά και ευκολοφόρετα!!! Μπράβο σου!!!

  21. Ευχαριστώ Κική μου!! Να' σαι καλά! :)

  22. Χαχαχαχ!! Ολα τα λεφτα εισαι, κοπελιααα!!! Και ποσο ταλεντο εχεις;;; Ε, ποσο;;!! Πραγματικα αν ειχα λεφτα θα αγοραζα σιγουρα, 1000%, καποιο απο αυτα τα ΑΠΛΑ γαματα αξεσουαρ. Αλλα, ρε γαμωτο, ειμαι ταπι και ψυχραιμη! Τελος παντων, τι να κανουμε; Ας ημουν η μονη σε αυτη την κατασταση... Ουτε κι εγω νιωθω πολυ ανετα να φοραω χρωματιστα παντελονια, παρολο που ειναι πολυ trendy τωρα. Τραβανε too much attention για τα κοτσια μου! Αλλα η δικη σου προσεγγιση ειναι μια πολυ πολυ καλη λυση! Θα το δοκιμασω definitely! Και αφου τα σ/κ το περασα στην παραλια μακρια απο λαπιτοπια και μπλογκακια, εχω την χαρα να ΜΗΝ περιμενω και να παω στο new post για τις weird μερες ΜΟΥΑΧΑΧΑΧΑ!!! :)

  23. Ευχαριστώ καλή μου!! Τι τα θες... είμαι άνεργος καλλιτέχνης! (ελπίζω στην αναγνώριση μετά θάνατον! Χαχα). Αν ήσουν παραλία, χαλάλι που σε χάσαμε! Φιλάκια :)

  24. Beautiful pics my dear! Your friends seem so amazing :)