Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amazing U.O. Boutique Sale!!

 Ok.... I realize that this post is totally different and of much less importance than the previous one. But that's life!! Things happen, good or bad. And this is good!! Very good actually!

 Lovely Urban Outfitters - favorite brand of many bloggers - has a boutique sale up to 50%! That's designer clothes people! I'm just a poor Greek on a shopping ban (for the most part of my life and many years to come obviously - haha!) but if you're not - HURRY UP!! You can find.....

See By Chloe Tie Chiffon Ruffle Top for 90 euro
Anglomania Butterfly Mac for 260 euro

Evil Twin Skin & Bones Maxi Dress for 75 euro
....Shoes and accessories too!!

Melissa Black Peep Toe Wedges for 75 euro

And if you're a very rich person and see this post and buy designer goodies at half the price, and want to pay me off, please feel free to send me any of the above!! Thank you!


  1. I really like going into Urban Outfitters, but I have never actually bought anything from there. I'm not sure why.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Ahahaha! Oh wow, I am going to go check it out :)

  3. Too bad I can't shop for 30 days :( I just looked at the photos from Greece- I hope you are keeping safe Dimi!

  4. @Bonnie - I've shopped some things in the past. Some of them were plain amazing, but some disappointed me with the low quality. This is their "boutique" section though, so the quality issue is solved! You have a good "eye" for shopping Bonnie!

    @Sara - Good luck! :)

    @T.T. - I'm probably in a shopping ban for the rest of my life dear (judging by the previous post...ha). Luckily I don't live in Athens - as I have asthma and I wouldn't be safe will all the chemicals police is using lately... Thanks for your interest Emily :)

  5. thats my girl! Dimi! keep the spirit up! φιλάκια γλυκιά μου : )

  6. Spirit is the only thing left dear Demie!

  7. wow ti orea rouxa!!

    to chloe top me arese polli, alla lipoun kai ta lefta :D tora pou tha arxisoun kai oi ekptoseis....

    check out my blog!


  8. χαχαχα!!!και σ'εμένα και σ'εμένα!!!

  9. That bone dress is so awesome!! Thanks for your comment on my last post-- pants (and clothes in general) can be so frustrating!

  10. Ahhh, sadly they aren't doing this for the U.S. version of U.O. :( So sad...I LOVE Urban Outfitters!

  11. @Lady-Pa - Thanks sweety! Θέλω αυτό το φουστάνιιιιιι!!

    @Ειρήνη - Τίποτα Ειρηνάκι... αυτό το blog έχει φτωχούς αναγνώστες!!

    @Lydia - Isn't it?? Comfy and stylish is a fav. combination! Luckily it's time for our bathing suits!

    @Ashley - Oh nooo! I know you love them honey! I posted this one and thought about you last night!

    Hugs to all! :)

  12. I think any form of sale (which is happening in the UK & whom delivers WW) is going to be a bit of a killer.
    Pretty sure the likes of Selfridges, House of Fraser and Matches amongst all the other high street stores are off my radar for now. Only problem is I can't stop ogling at the gorgeousness! Gorgeous picks sweetie.

    I'm thinking a sugar daddy, or, maybe a hot and super rich boyf will be of service here, no?!

    re: Zeta, I can see what you mean there, although I haven't nearly seen enough of her work for her to totally annoy the bat outta hell.


  13. I know.... Too bad my bf is equally poor!!
    And don't let me start on her annoying voice!! I can't get over your cakes! :)

  14. pps. I did make all those cakes! If my M.i.L's zakharoplastio receives special orders, I make 'em as an extra curricular thing. Man I'd be eating everything in the shop if I worked there! My profession is actually more fashion orientated.

    Glad you liked (the Barbie), such a sweet comment, thank you!


  15. Yum!! No need to thanks - Barbie seemed delicious!

  16. Dimi! Love those black Shoes!!!

  17. That sounds awesome, definitely going to check it out!

  18. Awesome! Wish I had access to a UO!


  19. you've made me want to shop!!! xxx

  20. πέρασα για ένα καληνύχτα
    γτ καλησπέρα τέτοια ώρα....

  21. WHHHAAAT? I've never seen See by Chloe or Melissa at Urban Outfitters here. Oh. I just read another commenter that we don't have that in the US. Hee hee. I was getting WAY too excited. I really like Melissa shoes but they're super hard to find here.


  22. @Prutha - Me too!!! Isn't it awesome?? Comfy and stylish!

    @erleppard - It's a great offer and I'm so broke... :(

    Chris - Γεια σου χρυσό μου!! Ευχαριστώ που με σκέφτεσαι! Έχει πέσει βαρεμάρα και μιζέρια στη συγγραφική ομάδα του μπλογκ! (σε μένα δηλαδή...)! Φιλια!

    @Jenn - I know... I had no idea we got a different version of U.O. in Europe! Now we know!! Always fancied a Melissa too! Kisses :)