Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot girlz under the sun! (looong post)

 Hello lovely readers of my almost abandoned blog!! I want to welcome all the new followers (I hope you like it here and you'll stick around) and thank the old ones for supporting me and for always leaving all your nice comments (which take time and effort and extra care, so I appreciate each and every one)!!
You people keep me going!!
 This has been a week that flew by so fast... I did a lot of housework, some new jewellery making and a lot of protesting against I.M.F. and the current greek government! (for new readers - things in Greece are a little hectic lately! A lot of political and social action is going on and many of us are actively involved). I was also out of internet for 3 days due to some network malfunction or something!

  On to some fashion pics now! Latest outfit I wore yesterday for a coffee in the sun with two friends! One of those friends is also my neighbor, which is so cool! Neighbors can be a real pain in the... you know, but when they are nice people that you get along, it's so great! I'm lucky that my neighbors are young and fashionable girls like me (and they love and support my jewellery too)! After the coffee and the catching-up I was trying to persuade them to take pics and show up in my blog.... The first reaction was this one...

.....but finally they changed their mind! 

That's Χρυσάνθη (Chrysanthi)....
 So it's nice to see some fresh faces around here (see? I do have friends! Some of them are not imaginary, they do exist!). It was fun to have some support while taking pics in public (I think by now I'm the town's "crazy lady" who takes pics of herself!). 

And this is Γεωργία (Georgia), my neighbor.
 Fun fact that most of you probably don't know: Can you see the blue building behind us? This is CHS - Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, which is an annex of Harvard University in Europe!! Did you know we have Harvard students in our town? You do now!


Skirt - Sprider stores
Top - American Apparel (via Asos)
Scarf - Asos
Belt - Local shop
Shoes - Kill Doll
Glasses - Dior

 Oh, I almost forgot!! Thanks everyone for voting in my poll! I took the outcome into consideration and thought about it a lot. Remixers have already started with the 30 for 30 summer remix. I won't join them this time!! I will be posting outfit pics of course...  I could even make a "top 30 summer outfits" to make it kind of more organized, but like Ashley said in her comment: "It's summer, it's supposed to be a relaxing period!".
 So I won't commit to remixing this time! But stay tuned for more summer dresses, jewellery making, tutorials and a lot of greek craziness!! Love you - don't forget to keep smiling! 

And a banner all my Greek followers will understand hopefully...!


  1. Dimi, this is a refreshing post for someone like me who's been away for a bit (and will be=( }..I love the trees in Greece and the neighborhood! and I like your photo with Georgia, it is so stylish! sorry to hear about the politics and the hassles in your country, pray a lot and take care...

  2. Thank you dear!! We're all praying for the best! Take care :)

  3. I love your outfit.so summer and so cute!! I know that good change is coming for your country. I am praying that is just happens quickly. Hugs Anne

  4. Thank you dear Anne!! We're all praying for the same thing, although we know we have difficult times to go through right now... Thanks for supporting us!

  5. Cute post. Nice to meet your friends. I own a dress that looks exactly like Chrysanthi's, only she looks better in it than me. :)

  6. I'm glad you liked it dear! Chrysanthi is a sweet girl indeed!
    Your parcel is mailed, please let me know when you get it! (I'm so excited!). Kisses buddy :)

  7. Yes, we arrive in Agistri july 31 and stay for 3 days, then we go to Poros for 3 days, then we go to Aegina. We have reservations there for 14 days, but think we will try to see some more islands. Would love to meet you too!

  8. This is awesome!! If you don't have plans to visit Nafplio (we have two castles waiting for you here btw!!), maybe I could come to Poros or Aegina for a 1-day excursion to visit! Please mail me!! (b.dimitra@hotmail.com or b.dimitra@yahoo.com). :)

  9. γυκια μου Δήμητρα ( ήμαστε και συνονοματες) ζω στη Nορβηγία 11 χρόνια- έρωτας η αιτία.... 40 xμ απτό Όσλο εις τας εξοχάς... ευχομε το καλύτερο για σένα και για την Ελλάδα μας. θα τα λέμε ευχομε μέσω blog : )

  10. Αχχχ τι γλυκό!! Είναι μαγική η Νορβηγία! Εννοείται θα τα λέμε αγαπητή μου! :)

  11. Seems like an awesome day ! so cozzyy and really nice pics !! :)

  12. You guys all look awesome and it looks like you had a lot of fun! I love your scarf! I am glad that I am not the only one who likes to wear scarves in the warm weather :P

  13. Ooh you live in the land of Harvard students- you almost feel Ivy League by association! You look beautiful Dimi- I love the scarf and the skirt- perfect for a hot day in Greece! Your comments always make me smile- you are not only talentes, stylish and beautiful but sweet also :)

  14. @Sara - Thank you sweety! You're not alone in the scarf-wearing dear! I was also carrying a light cardi in the bag (in case I feel cold under that sun! In my defense - it was windy!), the girls had a blast!

    @T.T. - You have to feel a wee smarter when you have Harvard in your town, right? Thanks for your kind comment dear - I really liked your energy in that vlog! :)

  15. I will kiiiill you for your shoes!!!xixi :0

  16. I know.... and they turned out to be comfortable as well!! :)

  17. You look happy and gorgeous. I'm not surprised that you have friends. haha. I would totally hang out with you and be really life friends if I lived nearby! We'd have coffee and ice cream every day!!


  18. One day, I will visit Greece (it's on my list!) and I will come and see you. We will go shopping and wander around. It looks so lovely!

    I'm so sorry I haven't visited your blog more lately, hon. I love your comments - thank you. *hug*

  19. @Tracy - I'm always surprised when I make friends dear Tracy, I don't take good people for granted! And I'm a bit anti-social!! So I'd love it if my blog-friends actually lived nearby! I'm the proud owner of a neat espresso-maker, so we would have ice-coffee on the porch!!!

    @Sheila - I'm counting on that Sheila! I don't think I'll ever afford a ticket for the U.S.! Don't worry about commenting dear! As I stress out, I respect the fact that you people all have jobs and normal lives and little spare time! I' so happy that you keep in touch! :)