Monday, February 21, 2011

10 random facts you maybe want to know about me!

 Hello my dears! 
 Do you remember when I mentioned in my last post that I have blogger's guilt?? Well I've been feeling guilty not because I don't post outfits every day as you maybe assume. 
 I just feel I haven't introduced myself properly... that I haven't shared enough personal info. Now that I have some followers I thought it would be interesting to get to know each other a little bit!! 
 So after seeing this in practically every blog that I visit I decided to give you the outfit of the day combined with a "10 things you maybe want to know about me" post!

 I'm really sorry for not knowing which blogger initiated this fine idea,so that I can give him/her some proper credit! I'm just tagging myself and here we go:

1. My name is Dimitra. It's a name that comes from ancient greek mythology. Demeter (directly translated= Mother of earth) was one of the twelve Olympian Gods. She was the goddess of earth, plants, fertility, fruition, nature and seasons. I really like my name sometimes!!

2. My favourite colours are blues (all shades of it), greens and purples.

3. For the biggest part of my life I had boy short hair. I'm absolutely hopeless in styling hair in anyway, especially now that I've managed to grow them longer. I'm THIS close in going back to looking like a 5-year-old-boy.... (this goes to you my love!) out of pure desperation!

4. I've been working really hard over the last 12 years during which I managed to change more than 15 jobs in tottaly different fields. That involved A LOT of studying and challenging myself  everyday and breaking my limits over and over, thus letting me feel a bit drained...

5. I'm currently working as a greek/english interpreter in a fire-fighting air-crane. For those of you not familiar with the term, it basically means that I'm inside a helicopter, flying over blazing fire and in charge of the radio communications. I'm doing this only during the fire season (June-October in Greece) so I'm unemployed during the winter.

6. I'm a very shy, sensitive and lonesome person. Somehow I manage to appear as the exact opposite... I don't have many friends, but I form really strong bonds with the people I do consider as friends.

7. I am more of an artistic person and I've studied interior design for 3 years only to realise that this is the wrong country and the wrong timing to do this as a job.

8. I left my small hometown and moved to Athens when I finished high-school at the age of 17. While being on my own at a tender age in a big city was scary, I managed to stay there for 8 years and I'm secretly proud of myself for doing so...

9. I love skirts and dresses and I just bought my first pair of trousers 2 months ago.... (other than pajamas and track-suit pants!)

10. I really don't follow fashion or the latest trends. For me there's really no point in doing so. I'm just a great supporter of good style and all things pleasing to the eye. Dressing up is one of them. I'm equally interested in the rest (design, art, architecture, photography, crafts, literature, poetry and in general anything that can lift the human spirit and can make you a better person!). The side-effects are a lot of movie-watching, a lot of book-reading, a lot of music-listening and significally less hours to spend in actually working!

I hope you enjoyed all the sharing as much as I did and I hope I'll get some comments with YOUR facts!!

 For today's outfit - blue all around, floral, neutrals and for the fun part a pin featuring Martz Simpson in a PLAYBOY cover (I just love that crazy stuff!!).


Skirt - Sprider stores 
White Top - probably as old as I am... 
Blue Top - Asos 
Belt - French Connection (Asos) 
Scarf - from Asos 
Shoes & Bag - Urban Outfitters 
Brooch - by Necty 
Glasses - Vogue


  1. Wow! We have so much in common after all! We are two little fish! Nemo and Doris! Well, I'm surely Doris because I can be really abstract! hehehehe
    We have the same favorite colors, I used to have really short hair (but mine were also orange!-hahahah), I'm sooo No6 and No7 and I love dressing up and not following the trends! I love dresses but especially in the Summer because in the Winter I want to be warm.
    I'm really impressed by your job! I had no idea! Sounds really exciting!

  2. Hahaha!! And I love cartoons! Yes, a lot in common indeed! My hair had bright red flashes at some point! I'm kind of shy about my job and I don't really mention it when I meet people.I can't handle all the "WOW-YOU'RE SO BRAVE!!" comments... they make me kind of uncomfortable. And the "WOW-you must make a lot of money" comments... they're both so NOT true...!It's my job-not who I am!- and although it's the best job I've ever had (I really love the fact of having a job that's "useful" for other people as well, I love my boss, the company and my colleagues), I'm very conscious of the fact that my life could be in danger! To sum up - I certainly don't feel like a hero in any way...! And yes - it is more exciting than most people can handle I think! Did I tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY?? Well ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY all day! Kisses

  3. Great answers. They taught me even more about you. I don't think I ever mentioned this before but I really like your name. It has such character.

  4. Oh thank you dear - and I love your kind heart that makes you leave all these nice comments!! In greece there's a strong habit of naming children after the grandparents.My grandmothers names were Dimitra and Maria. After the very sad fact that my grandma D. died one week before I was born, I was named in her honour. Now that I'm 30 my family says that I look like her and have a similar character as well!! That's an extra reason of loving my name! Take care!

  5. You are starting to creeping me out! hahahah
    I was named after my grandmother and it seems that I'M TOTALLY like her! My dad always tells me that with indignation "YOU REMIND ME SOOOO OF MY MOTHER!!!!"-hahahahaha :-)

  6. I'm gonna creep you out some more... That grandma was the mother of my father as well!! Oh wow...!

  7. You're also the kindest person i know!

  8. shy?? an outgoing person like u? i haven't yet read the whole profile i just picked on than!!! i m not sure what u are, (i m not sure what i am for tha matter!!)i only know that u are one of my best friends!! and now i have to go again, i m writing an essay about Medea and i really need to focus on being maleficent right now, no time for being good these days, kisses bitch!!

  9. Whoaaa! A comment from my dearest friend Eli...! You know better bitch!! Haa! Medea sounds good baby! Good luck!!