Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A day of magic!

Yesterday it was a big day for me and I thought I'd share!
I went to Athens in order to shop for my first supplies!

Ok... Some explaining first! 
 When I was 3,5 years old, I was left at my grandma's for babysitting one day. My dear grandmother suddenly realised that I was nowhere to be found in the house and the door was open...

 She dashed to the street in search of her lovely grand-daughter and after a lot of panic she found me. I was right across the street, in a neighbor's store and I was trying to sell HIM tiny paintings that I've made! I had glued 3 toothpicks on the back side to make them look like miniature easels!

pic found here

 I've always had a connection to all forms of arts and over the years I had various artistic hobbies. 
 Due to different factors though I never got the chance to do something that I really LOVE = JEWELLERY!
 Yeap, the crazy ones that you see me wear all the time! I was always in search of jewellery like that and my favourite artist is strigles! (check her work here)

 And I was always thinking that I can make mine! Hence the trip to Athens!! I managed to finally save some money and buy the basic tools and some other stuff I thought would inspire me in order to get started!! So from now on (well not now, but hopefully by next month...I'm a busy gal!) you'll be seeing some of my creations!
 My dream is to be able to start my own ETSY or/and DaWanda store!! But practically I have a looooooong way ahead! I have no idea what to do with all that stuff and I'm up to my ears with tutorials+searching new trends+techniques+blogging+creating a working space in our spare room (I'll post about that eventually) + remixing + demonstrating(I'll post about that too...) +  commenting + having an actual life!!! Pheww! 
And I almost forgot: taking pics of myself in parks:

Skirt - local flea market
Top - Tee from Asos maternity
Brown Belt - vintage (from mommy)
Pink Belt - Asos (6 euro)
Boots - Local shop
Bag - On Pedder
Scarf and necklace - Asos
Hat - Local shop 

 See ya all next time! - Take care


  1. YAY! Good start and good luck with everything! If you need any help or advice I'm here for you. Oh, and I know a couple of other stores that are cheaper. ;-)

  2. Good luck creating. I'm sure it will be a fun process.

  3. Oh thank you Shy! I'm sure I'll enjoy it! And anzo, I should have asked! Can I e-mail you?

  4. Yes, of course! ANY TIME! Just shoot! ;-)

  5. Oh, cool! I just stopped at a craft shop over the weekend and picked up some supplies to make feather earrings. I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I'm excited nevertheless. Be sure to blog about your creating adventures, I'd love to hear them!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for your comments, as always! They're always some of the best and sweetest ones I receive! My birthday is March 6, so we're pretty close!

  6. Thank you all guys and girls!! I really enjoy all the talking and commenting with you too!!! Another fish then dear Ashley! That's why I started blogging actually: to find fellow crafters and share ideas and inspiration, to boost my kind-of-low-sometimes self-esteem and who knows?? maybe others are interested in some magical cuties as well!!
    Be sure that IF I manage to actually make something out of them, I'll definetely post!!

  7. It's a magic start! What you give is what you get and i do know that you gave a lot for this things! I'm sure magical and bautifull things will come out of this!
    Happy sales!