Thursday, February 17, 2011

My favourite skirt

 Hello again! How are you?
 I want to show you my favourite skirt!! I've bought it some years ago when I was working as a sales-girl in a little boutique in town! (Unfortunately it no longer exists... Many of my funky jewellery were also bought there!)

 When the lady who owned the boutique had brought it along with new stock, my heart melted!! I was secretly hoping that no one would buy it for a month, so I would gather the money to get it in between! 
 Well... nobody did!! It was love at first sight and we're together ever since! Wearing my skirt and a black top (usually) makes me feel really cool and really ME!!
 Why?? Apart from the very true: "It's not easy being a princess..." motto that I think applies to every girl, look at all those cool people that are crowded on my skirt:

 Partly for being in love with the skirt and partly because I have blogger's guilt*, I prepared this extra long, triple-post on "How to wear a loud funky skirt without making a fool of yourself and/or scaring away children"! 

(* for more on WHY I have blogger's guilt - See next post!)

 For now, let's focus on the outfits!!

 A black and white graphic design can of course be paired with a black top for a "safe" choice. But to add that extra happiness factor I added some colour!

A bright purple scarf combined with D&G animal print glasses - with bright pink around the lenses!

And for the fun part.....


Skirt - The one I saved for a month...
Black Top - Vintage V-neck (also seen here and here)
Scarf -
Achilleas Accessories
Belt - French Connection (Asos)
Tights - local flea market (3 euro)
Shoes - Tsakiris Mallas Boots
Earings - bought from the store I worked
Glasses - Dolce & Gabbana

 For the second outfit I kept it casual, changing to flat shoes, neutral colours and soft fabrics.

 I really love the new trend of combining many scarfs and belts together. To match the cool undertones of the outfit I wore my blue glasses, a purple-grey wooly cap, a silver ring and black hoop earrings!


Grey Top - Asos Maternity (also seen here and here)
Grey Scarf - American Apparel 

Black scarf - from mommy!
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - every day cheap flats
Earings - Hondos Center
Glasses - Vogue (blue/green)
 For the next outfit I thought I'd make it a bit more formal. So I mixed the skirt with a white shirt and black blazer, a wider black belt and higher heels.

 A Picasso painting turned into a brooch, a velvet red rose ring and a clutch bag are complimenting the whole "sophisticated" look!


Shirt - Attrativo (also seen here)
Jacket -
Local flea market
Scarf - free from a magazine
Belt - Asos
Shoes - Hunter
Brooch - by Necty
Ring - Asos
Glasses - Just Cavalli

See you next time!!


  1. YES. This skirt rocks! It's so quirky and unique, and it--obviously--really suits your style! I'm loving all the ways you incorporated it into an outfit. Loving the drapey scarfs in all of these pictures! Oh, and I love your glasses, too. All of them, but mostly the hot pink ones. How many pairs do you own? I have a tendency to sit or step on I only have one pair.

  2. Oh thank you!! I have a thing for glasses - it's pretty obvious! - and it's the only "luxury" I allow myself! I have 4 pairs in my little collection and 1 pair of sunglasses - but I wish I could have more!! BTW your interview was SO GREAT! I'm so glad I've learned new stuff about you and I finally learned where you live and what you do! (I was curious about that...).

  3. Those earrings are so funny! I'm actually laughing here. :)

  4. Oh great! Cause I have worse pairs!! xxx

  5. wow, the print on that dress is awesome! and i love your glasses! :)