Monday, February 28, 2011

Why I remix

 After being absent for some days I decided to give you my own reasons for remixing. Just think of this post as the proof that I will continue my remixing adventure even if it's soon March and all the other bloggers are done with it!!So.....

 Why do I remix?

    By accident (partly)!  When I applied for that remix thing I was really new in blogging (heck – I’m still new!), so I thought that a busy blog like Kendi’s wouldn’t bother with my lousy 2-3 posts. (see here). But Kendi is a sweet girl after all so she took me in! I could have said no if it wasn’t for my pride. “Hey, I thought, that’s easy. Maybe I can teach them something”. Haha, yeah – It’s NOT that easy! !  So let’s focus on the real reasons now...

   To define my style. I was always an impulsive shopper, meaning that every time I saw something at a shop window that “clicked” I’d try it on and if it was my size, I’d take it with me and give it a home!! Some of those clothes when tried on for the second time were too short, too tight, too loud to fit in my closet (or all of the above)!  By repeating you can observe through the photos and “see yourself as others do”, define your personal “style” and shop accordingly in the future.

   To get the mentality. Remixing is trying to be creative with every single one of those 30 items. By doing this every day, it becomes a “habit” and as soon as the challenge is over I can’t wait to practice with the rest of my clothes. Hopefully that will make me understand what I need to buy instead of what I want to buy. 

   Due to the recession. That’s right!! I was never too much of a spender. Or a shopper. But I can spot a bargain! Now, I have to reduce my shopping sprees even more… Hopefully, after the remixing process I will feel like I have tons of new clothes, according to fellow remixers - I’m soooo in for that!!

      To prove that style isn't always about trends
   Like I stated before, I'm not much of a shopper. Which means that most of the clothes I own (and you see here) were bought a million years ago!! If more people other than myself and the bf (and let's face it, he's not the most objective judge of outfits..) actually like my outfits then that’s it – point made!
   To improve my relationship. As silly as that may sound, give me a chance to explain... I’m currently unemployed which means that I can practically spend 7 months of the year in my pj’s!! And if you ask my boyfriend he’ll tell you he won’t mind! But my dear girls, if only nature (and men) were that simple! I remix, because I have a reason to get out of bed, get all dressed up and fancy and then feel good about myself!(ok...some of the days at least!). By dragging around my nagging bf in a pathetic attempt to turn him into a photographer, we get together time and beneficial exercise! (thank you Kendi)

Dress - 70's style vintage, from the flea market for 15 euro! 
Jacket - Local flea market (15 euro too!)
Black Sweater - Vintage V-neck (also seen here and here)
Red scarf - gift from a friend

Belt - French Connection (Asos)
Shoes - Hunter
Brooch - crocheted - bought ages ago!
Ring - Asos
Glasses - Just Cavalli
Heart earring - piece from a broken necklace!


  1. Your approach is so funny! The way that you explain all really made me smile!
    I think Wardrobe Remix can be only a good and useful thing to do. I've thought of doing it but:
    No1 I'm camera shy. Don't really like too much exposure.
    No2 I'm not so confident about my style.
    No3 My closets needs a serious rearrangement-refill! :-)
    Oh, and by the way, you look great! ;-)

  2. Thank you Anzo! I'm not used to take pics of myself either, it just feels weird. One of the reasons it's taking me so long...!

  3. Haha, I'm definitely with you on some of these points! The recession is probably my number one reason to remix (I don't do it "officially," but of course I do it). I'm tired of spending money, and it just makes sense! And last summer I didn't have a job but was doing about 20 credits of coursework online...not much motivation to get out of pj's, but I did anyway!

    Great post, girl. ;)

  4. i used to be an impulsive shopper too - for years! ive been learning my lesson for a while now, but this challenge really drove home how much i can do with my own closet. good luck on the rest of it! (and thank you for all your sweet comments!!! :D )

  5. Thank you both, girls!! You always make me smile with your lovely comments! You've all been very supportive and because of that I'm on fire lately making jewellery ALL DAY!! Blogging and remixing is really fun! Big HUGS & KISSES!!

  6. Remixing is definitely the way forward! And the boyfriend may gain enthusiasm... mine certainly has. Now he spends his free time comparing better cameras on the web and planning which one he's going to buy, so now complaints here! ; )

    P.S. I'm beyond flattered that you want to read my posts from last summer, and delighted that someone still sees them. Thank you so much for all your sweet words. : )

  7. IT's just something I enjoy doing! I read through old posts because it's the only way to get to know someone, hear their story and see how they started!! I'd rather have 10 followers and be able to grit them by their first names and call them friends then 300 random people! That's why I'm not working in promoting my blog that much. I'm a person that likes "slow and steady" approach!!
    p.s. - Sometimes I harass strangers via e-mail! Luckily I'm overwhelmed by making almost 10 blog-friends in 2 months! I say exhausted!!
    Nice to meet you Emily!