Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black, brown and grey.... again?

Well, after working mostly with men for the last 2 years, I'm kind of adapting to the attitude:"don't fix it if it ain't broken" and "if it's working, stick with it"! So, since I like mixing pastels after all, here's another black-brown-grey outfit!

Back to my safe and beloved skirt-tee-platform combo, I just added a belt, a cardi and a brooch. The brooch actually came with a Chilli Pepper weave coat I bought from ASOS  (down to 50 euro out of 140) but was attached to a clasp and it came off (how handy!).

The skirt, although very cheap, is soon hitting my "all-time-top-5-favourite-skirts" list! You also saw it here, with a wee bit of colour! The same applies for my new wonders shoes!

They are the most comfortable shoes I own and I think I can wear them during spring and next summer easily! What do you think? 

The last picture is irrelevant but it still fits under the title:Black, brown and grey!!! It's our kind, cute and smart doggy - Billy; and the famous Cat band! (2 out of the 3 members)! See you soon! xxx


Skirt - Sprider stores
Inside - tee from Manuka - the softest ever!!!
Outside - Vintage black V-neck sweater
Cardi - Pins and Needles from Urban Outfitters
Shoes -Wonders from U.O.
Glasses - Just Cavalli

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