Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creative Cooking (or “How to turn your leftover rice into a full meal")

 Ok, sometimes I like to cook in the same way that I like to dress. It doesn't make much sense to others but it starts with the thought: "Damn...I have nothing in my closet/fridge". Then I decide to be creative. After some chemical reactions in my brain it goes like: "Hmm, this skirt/pepper or that top/onion looks interesting". And then I just mix and match!! Do I always look good? NO. Is the result always edible? Definitely NO! Do I have fun while I do this? You BET!! Do I annoy everybody else in the house? For SURE!!
 Yesterday I was in such a mood. It started with the thought: "I have some leftover spiced rice that looks interesting".....

 Ok....It doesn't really - but I just have a thing for not wanting to throw food away. So I had that. And I had potatoes and I washed them and peeled them and chopped them and then I also had that:

And those:

  I did some more preparation that included: 1. Preheating oven at 220 C.; 2. Washing, cutting and removing the seeds of the peppers as shown and grilling them for 10 min.; 3. Chopping the rest of the ingredients on your cutting board; 4. Boiling your potatoes for 10 min. or until they start to soften - drain the water; 5. Laying your potatoes on a baking pan and sprinkling with salt, pepper, olive oil and thyme (not a lot or your potatoes will taste bitter).

 For the stuffing: Add some olive oil in a frying pan. When hot add the chopped ingredients (onion, garlic, dill, parsley, some almonds, kidney beans, salt, pepper and paprika). Cook until your ingredients soften. Mix with feta and your leftover rice and stuff your peppers.

 At this point your oven should look like this:

And your sink should look like this:

Bake the peppers for 20 min. and the potatoes until they become golden-brown. You should end up with something like that: 



  1. I'm the same way. I cook using what's around, which is always different. In fact, I deliberately cook more rice than I need for one meal so I'll have extra in the frig for another day. I like the creativity of mixing new things together in different ways.

  2. You' re so right! It's the only way I enjoy cooking - I find it hard to follow receipes you see.. Have a nice day!