Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's 2011!! New Year - new life maybe?? I was riffling through my filofax the other day and I came across my "quote page". Every year I use a filofax to organize my appointments, things to do and my life in general (I'm famous of my "making lists over practically everything" habit!!) Another habit I have is that on the last page I scribble all the quotes I happen to find that inspire me. So, since this is a blog of inspiration after all, I decided to share my quotes. On a weekly basis I'll be posting in the "Principles" section ideas and sayings of other people that I find inspiring in a way that you can really think over them and actually live your life by them (according of course to my point of view). So here's the first one:

I don't really know if it's a quote, but it still is an excellent way to try and live your life by. Challenge yourself everyday - it's the only way you can actually get to know your inner self and eventually grow! The amazing illustrator of that is Alex Noriega. See more of his unigue work and follow his blog here!

Let the challenging begin and see you all next week!!


  1. I have also a series of posts with Favorite Quotes. I have a collection of about 1000 in English and over 2000 in Greek. I've been collecting them since high School, that's A LOT of time!
    You can start here:

  2. OMG! You are so much more organized than I am!! Actually I skiped that post this week cause I was getting a bit frustrated by the fact that only 1st degree relatives follow my blog so far...! Thanx for the support! xxx

  3. Oh, don't worry. I know it's hard in the beginning. For months I used to have only 2 followers, my sister and my best friend! ;-)