Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy (shopping) hour!!

What's not to love about Urban Outfitters? Amazing clothes, accessories and pretty much anything you'll need for you, your mate or your house! And when you come across deals you should share, right? So....

Keep in mind that in order to get your goodies in Greece, you have to pay 35 euro for delivery service (with no cheaper/slower methods available! Show some mercy U.O. people…!) But just for the weekend - Enter the code you see above when you check-out and enjoy!! You just saved 15 euro! And don't forget to check out the "sales" section because...

Yeap - 70% off!! Damn you unemployment and "going, going, almost gone" bank account!! So, my dear readers go on and shop for me (sob...)!!! And comment, and show me what you got!

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