Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Santa....

....please send me a couple of boxes with goodies - I was a really good girl this year!!

And presto - my wish is granded : my ASOS delivery arrived a couple of days after new year - another reason to keep up the holiday spirit and celebrate! This time I ordered for both me and the bf - actually the bigger box was his! He got 2 pairs of new shoes, a pair of Camper boots and 2 sweaters. The ones in the pic are my favourites - very funky and easy to combine with almost any male outfit I think!

And for me I got a really soft and long American Apparel grey cotton scarf and  some bling-bling (I just loved the "bite me" apple necklace...

.... as well as a dreamy set of underwear from ASOS boudoir collection, which is quite foxy but with a vintage touch! (and not very expensive, the set cost 30 euro)

And finally this cute scarf with neutral colours that I can already match in my head with various items included in my wardrobe!!!

Thank you Santa!

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