Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A lunch in the sun

A while ago we visited our friend I. for a lunch in her cottage!

Our hostess not only was stylish as usual but being norwegian she had also prepared a lovely, full, 3-course meal for us!!

The day was sunny and warm, so we sat outside and soon engaged in interesting conversations over good wine....

And of course some outfit - as plain and cheap as it was - pictures!


Skirt - local flea market (ages ago)
Blouse - Zara
Belt - Asos
Shoes - everyday flats (10 euro) from the same flea market!
Scarf - Asos
Rose silk brooch - handmade 

The total cost of this outfit was less than 100 euro, with the most expensive thing being the belt (or was it the scarf? But you get my spirit - right?) 

I hope you all enjoyed the sun over the weekend!

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