Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smoker's vintage

During the Xmas holiday, we visited bf's parents at his village - nothing weird in that, as this is a very traditional way to spend holidays in Greece : family and tons of food!!! The difference this year is that we left with an unusual present....

.... some vintage rolling papers!

Well.. let me explain! The bf's village is on a mountain and they used to grow tobacco there, back on the days when the agricultural production in Greece was thriving. The people were really poor and smoking was a very expensive habit. The government was distributing these rolling papers to the tobacco farmers alone, to cover their needs!

Weird, right?? Nowadays they are considered a "cult" object and they are believed to be the best rolling papers ever, as they were made of 100% natural fibres and they had no glue!

After some online searching -thank you internet gods!- I found out that they still exist but with a different packing. The modern version includes two types of rolling papers - they both have glue, but it's natural (made from a plant extract).

You can order them online from various sites - The pics I used are taken from this site... - P.S.: Did you notice that the date on them (new package) is 1944!!

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