Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"No kitty....BAD KITTY!!"

 Do you remember this line from Eric Cartman of South Park?? I just loved this guy!

pic found here
 Well I was having the exact same feeling while trying to make my first necklace!! 
 I was trying to make a necklace with a soft grey felt kitty, glass beads and wire and the thing was getting tangled all the time! It was my first attempt ever to make a piece of jewellery, using tools and stuff. I mean, I was always kind of a crafty person (see this post) but my talent was being restricted in mending broken necklaces and bracelets and never creating something out of scratch!!

 So without further ado I proudly present my "No kitty....BAD KITTY" necklace incorporated in the outfit of the day! (I couldn't help but naming it after Cartman of course!)

"No kitties were actually harmed in the making of this product" - thank you

 Now my sweet devoted readers is where YOU come in! I really need to hear some honest comments... Can you see any potential here?? If you were not the nice people that you are and you saw that in Etsy (let's say) woould you say it worths your 20 bucks? Would you wear it? Please be honest, I can take it! And please don't compare it to a diamond tiara either!

 After a 3 hour fight with the kitty, I was inspired and as soon as I figured out how to use the tools and the other exoticly named components (such as clutch, crimp, clasp, jump ring, lobster, cord, loop e.t.c.!) I made 3 more necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 5 rings and 2 bracelets!!


Skirt - I&D bought from a local store
Top - tee from Calzedonia
Belt - Asos
Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
(styled with beige fish-net tights, as seen here)
Necklace - handmade

 Other than that.... it's my birthday today! Done with 30, going to 31, feeling pretty much the same as 25... oh well, time flies! I guess I should celebrate the fact that I survived 30 years on this planet and the randomness of it all!! To birthdays then!!! 
 And since I'm getting rather philosophical here... does anybody else get the feeling that some sort of balance is trying to creep back in our lives, after many years of unbalanced situations?? (e.g. Middle East?). Or is it just me and my birthday blues? 

I'll post soon about my other fantastic creations!! But for now....

Adorable isn't he?? Pic from the same source


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous girl! I think you did a fantastic job with the necklace. It looks so pretty with your outfit too!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to the Club of 30s! ;-)
    Your necklace looks great for a first try. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it pretty soon! With practice comes perfection!
    By the way, I love your outfit, but especially the bow belt! I have a thing with bows! :-)

  3. Thank you so much girlz!!! You really think so? I think it's cute, but of course I made it! Thanks for all the compliments too! I love bows myself and since we're in the open now... I LIED!! I was born in 1980, which makes me....going to 32! OMG, I didn't do it on purpose though, I honestly hadn't realised! It seems only a blink away when I was 18!

  4. Thank you very much!! And welcome to my blog!

  5. I like the necklace! and i think it suits your style!

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    So glad to hear your youthful attitude hasn't aged. We're only as old as we act.

    Learning any new craft is hard at first and then gets easier. The necklace is nice. If you want to stand out, try coming up with a new idea to distinguish your stuff from other people's, such as a different design or different materials. Offering something different will lure people to your creations.

    Enjoy the special day!

  7. Thank you Nesha and welcome! Your blog looks so chic, I'll check it out soon!
    And Shy, thanks for your advice, you're so right! I'm trying to experiment as much as I can (unfortunately my limited budget isn't helping at all...) and try to define my personal style. My motto is that if you invest love and magic, you'll get it back!! I hope in time to be able to stand out - but for the time being it serves more like a therapy!!! (shrinks in Greece are expensive after all!)

  8. I like your necklace. I'd like to see the other stuff you made, too! And I laughed at your Cartman references! That last one was a perfect way to end the post and so unexpected. :)


  9. I'm so glad you liked it! I'll post soon about my other cuties!! And I LOVE Cartman! I was hoping everybody would have a laugh (and nobody would get offended!!) and I was torn between that and the famous: "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!! You bastards"! But due to birthday it seemed inappropriate!! Thank you Jenn!!

  10. I think the necklace is cute! But I wouldn't really think about selling stuff until you're a lot more practiced-up. I used to make jewellery in a job I had selling beads, and you'll feel a lot more confident after a month or so, you'll use the tools more effectively, things will be less likely to fall apart, etc. etc.

    Happy Birthday (probably a bit late by now, but anyway).

  11. It's never too late my dear, so thank you very much!! You had a job selling beads?? That must have been a really nice job!! I agree with you, I'm not confident yet, so I'm not trying to sell anything, especially to you guys! I'm just posting about it to get some opinions and it's gonna take me a loooong time before I hit the market (if I ever!!). Have a lovely day!!