Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another remixed summer dress

Happy mother's day everyone!!
 Let's send the warmest wishes to all mommies out there! I don't think I ever mentioned how cool my mom is! She is a Greek language teacher and her name is Irini, which means Peace in greek! (pronounced Ee-ree-nee). We're soooo different and we mainly disagree, but we love each other a lot and she's the one responsible for me being the lovely freak that I am! So... thank you mommy!

 My schedule today is a bit loaded, although it's a Sunday! I have plans to have a coffee with a friend and then meet my cousin. She's actually my mother's cousin, but she's to young to be called an "aunt"! 
 She's the owner of a lovely pansion downtown and she's thinking of renovating the place, so she desperately needs some help! Time to put my decorative skills at work! If we agree and the whole project is finished, I'll have some "before and after" shots for you guys! We'll see!

...On to the outfit!!

 This is another summer dress worn before its time! I guess I'm secretly relieved for losing my job and actually spending a whole summer...... on the ground!!!


Dress - "I&D" local shop
Top - Asos maternity
Jacket - Ysatis
Belt - Local shop
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Asos
Bracelet - my "love" bracelet - I'll show some details of it sometime!
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Glasses - Dior

Taking a walk with Billy

 In all I was happy with the colour coordination of the outfit, but this is a dress of this type:

Image found here

(-...What's the name of that in English, anyway? -) so it gets fluffy in the wrong parts of the body! I thought I look bloated the whole time...! Here's a pic of my back instead!



  1. Oh my gosh dimi!!!! That last photo of you is STUNNING. It is so natural and pretty, I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely one of you. ADORE it! Very pretty outfit, too. I hope you have a nice Sunday. I'm off to a diamond-cutting factory to get some ideas for my wedding ring and hopefully find something that my fiancé can afford, haha :P


  2. That is such a cute outfit! And happy mothersday! In Norway, we don't have mothers day today, but during the winter. Hope you're having a great day with your mom =)

  3. Thank you sweet Leia!! All photos are taken by my talented boyfriend, who is also responsible for keeping me calm and put together! He has his hands full!! Good luck with your diamond! I know it has to be special (and affordable!). I'm so happy for your wedding! Kisses

    And thank you too Cammie!! Really? I thought it was an international day or something! In Greece we celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. Hugs :)

  4. Gia allh mia fora eisai mia glukaaaaa!!!Sou pane para polu auta ta forematakia....elpizw na niwtheis kapws kalutera!! :-))

    Polla filiaaaaaa

  5. Έλα βρε... ντρέπομαι! Σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Καλύτερα είμαι... ιδίως όταν δεν το σκέφτομαι! Φιλιά!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Dimi! You look stunning- that dress (looks like a maxi summer dress) is perfect on you! Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Hi dear! It's a dress indeed! Ohhh... stunning! I dunno...! :)

  8. haha you are so funny! I love this look, the jacket layered over it is just perfect :)

  9. thanks for the lovely comment darling..that skirt is adorable

  10. Your Mother did an awesome job raising you into a fine woman!! And those are Dior sunglasses! I was wondering! I have an 80s pair with purple arms/lenses. The butterfly style looks great on you!!

  11. Thank you dear... that was a very touching compliment!

  12. this is a lovely start of the summer story..i am gald you took a break , and this is probably the best time of the year...! I have no idea what the dress in English is called but , it is lovely, esp the prints! p.s the recipe was simple bec I had been making an Asian egg roll for a long time so I just changed a lil bit of the Irish, irish uses red cabbage, bacon and I added parsely,, the rest are diced carrots and cheese, the wanton wrap-then deep fry, cut into two!

  13. Thank you sweety! That sounds delicious!

  14. This outfit is gorgeous. And you look so happy. It's true, you are one of the loveliest freaks I have the pleasure of knowing.

    And oh that Billy! I love him so much!!


  15. Thank you dear!! The feelings are mutual!
    Billy is the loveliest dog (although pretty stubborn), she's a girl and comes with an interesting story (hey - nice idea for a post!). Have a lovely day! :)