Saturday, May 14, 2011

White bohemian skirt

 Hi people!! How are you? If it wasn't for stupid blogger deleting stuff and sad events happening in Greece, I would've posted sooner. But... no mood + bad weather do that I guess.

photo by I.Kafkas (

 (For those of you who are interested about more Greek news, I have to say that I'm quite shocked from what is happening to our country... Mr. I. Kafkas - who was hit brutally by Greek policemen on the head and remains in critical condition - is also a very talented photographer and blogger. I thought that the blogging community should be aware of incidents like that. You can visit his blog here.)

 On to happier and more girlie things, as soon as we got a little bit of sun, I wore this favorite skirt of mine! 

 There's a liquor store near our house, so that's me playing top-model around some empty beer crates! I don't like beer and don't drink it, but I appreciate the colors! 


Skirt - too old to remember... (hey! That's vintage now!)
Top - Sprider
Jacket - Ysatis
Belt - Local shop
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - handmade (seen here)
Bag - Hondos Center
Glasses - Dior

Look - skulls!!! Cool right? 

 More talking next time...! Kisses!


  1. That's a fabulous skirt, dimi. It looks great on you.

    I've been reading in the paper about your country's economic and political woes. That's sad. I hope Greece finds solutions to those problems. A lot will depend on how the rest of Europe reacts: i.e., helpful/not.

  2. Thank you dear!
    It's really awful. I'm so happy though that you're reading about our problems. And a lot depends on how people will react here too... It's so complicated really, but things don't look good.

    P.S. - You can also check:, for more news (there's an English button on the left)

  3. It's terrible what is happening in Greece, I hope things will calm down soon.

    I like your skirt and the location of the first picture, you're standing in front of many empty crates of Dutch beer (Amstel and Heineken). I also don't like or drink beer, but I do like spotting Dutch things like that.

  4. Hey Dimi- I'm saddened by the events in Greece- I hope that you and your family stay safe. On a more positive note you look beautiful and I love the background with the brightly coloured beer crates.

  5. Hi Lou! Thank you for all the catching up with my blog! Things are quite hectic, especially in Athens these days.
    (Amstel and Heineken are selling a lot here!)

    Thank you dear Emily!

  6. I just haven't been with it the past few days (okay, so I've never really been with it. Who am I kidding?) and hadn't heard about all of this. I'm going to have to go read more now.

    Anyway, yeah, on a positive note, you look gorgeous and I love your skirt! I only have one white maxi skirt, and it just doesn't fit the way it should...and yes, your shirt IS cool!

  7. dimi I i was actually shocked that you read my very first blog post, and im glad when I meet someone w lots of things in common....=)I hated Blogger also for the glitch(grrrrr) and i am sorry to hear about the famous photographer in dad and mom in laws are currently in Delphi =)I wish dad will try a beer, maybe also love to try that!ill let u know about the beads soon!

  8. @Ashley: Thank you dear, I think I have this skirt since the last time they were fashionable (15 years ago?) White skirts with cowboy boots were rocking the place then! Now, it's perfect for remixing and it's this years black, for the summer! I'll fill you in with a mail on what you missed!

    @D.G. - I like first posts, you learn a lot for your blog-friends! More than 100 people were beaten up by police that day...
    Amstel is one of the most famous beers here, but it's actually Dutch (thanks Lou for the info). But Mythos and Fix beer, are manufactured in Greece if he wants to try a different taste!

  9. H mpouza sou einai teleiaaaaaaaaa!!!Asta na pane ti ginetai sthn Ellada..tha mas piasei katathlipsh sto telos...pollaaa kaka mazi eginan auth thn ebdomada pou na fugei kai na MHN ksanarthei!!

    Polla filiaaaa :-))

  10. Wow the news is very sad, it's hard to find reasons to post when things in the world are so sad.

    You still look beautiful and I can see why that is your favorite skirt!

  11. Oh, hi!!
    Your blog is really amazing!!
    I am very honored to be following it!!
    Could you follow mine too??
    And, can you follow the twitter, please? @_justforgirls
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  12. So sorry to hear about the trouble in Greece, hon.

    I love that white skirt - so pretty!

  13. @Happy Kathy: Έχουν να δουν πολλά ακόμα τα ματάκια μας δυστυχώς... Γι' αυτό καλές σκέψεις και κουράγιο!! Το μπλουζάκι 8ευρώ στα Sprider.. σπεύσε! Φιλάκια!

    @Sara: Thank you sweety! You're so right.. Many unfair things are happening around us. It's hard to ignore..

    @Alice Dias: Thank you dear. That's a very sweet comment. I'll sure follow back! Can't promise about Twitter though, I kind of dislike social networks!! Welcome!

    @Sheila: Thanks Sheila. Greece is going through some very hard times...

  14. Love this outfit. so sad about all the conflict going on. also I checked out that blog of Kafkas, He is such a talented Photographer, I am praying for his recovery. Hugs Anne.

  15. Thanks for your interest Anne! You're such a sweet and lovely lady! I'm praying for him too...

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