Thursday, May 5, 2011

A magical little church

 You know readers, sometimes the best things in life come for free... During our travelling last week we encountered this little, old, half-destroyed church standing alone on a rock.

 G. filled me in the historical part, saying that it's dedicated to Saint Vlassios and it was built in 1804. During the war in 1821, the church has been vandalised by the Turks, who took out the eyes of every saint pictured on it's walls. When I thought about what are people capable of doing to each other during a war, I got chills....

 My next thought was that people can also be extremely good if they choose to be. And although I'm not particularly religious I thought that this little church is still there because of faith.... The faith that it represents something good and that it should be preserved no matter what.  People still go there and light candles....

 Those thoughts apply on a more personal level, because I lost my job yesterday on top of everything....
 That felt like a slap in the face.... My original reaction was to panic. 
 I thought about how I started my blog with the intention to make jewellery, dress up, meet people and have fun.... How I even succeeded in doing so for a while. 
 I thought about all the nice, interesting and trust-worthy people out there. And how much I probably let them down since I have no good news to offer, no mood to dress up and play chatty and a lot of anxiety about the fact that I can't get a job in my hometown, our money is running short and soon  we won't be able to afford the bills or the rent.... 
 I have to focus on more serious and real problems and forget about the rest....

 Then I thought again about the church and faith. And that it's possible to stand alone on a rock if you have faith. Faith in everything you choose: A God, an idea, a passion, yourself or a loved one, a silly dream. Just have some faith and blog about a magical little church... But keep blogging anyway!

A special thank you to my newest followers and visitors - who visited on their own free wil - and gave me new faith!! 
You guys are awesome!!


  1. You are so right! Don't worry! Keep the faith and I'm sure something good will come along. Good people always find their way.
    Kisses! :-)

  2. thanks for sharing the architecture and history of the church..this is one of the interesting places to visit!...i just realised i have'nt followed you yet, so , i am now! what else is possible in the world without faith..? sometimes it is something we forgot...

  3. Thank you lovely dear girl!! I know you "get me" although we come from totally different backgrounds... I thank you so much, because sometimes I tend to lose my faith and my blog-friend support means the world to me!!

  4. Nice post. The best thing about your blog is that it gives your personality a place to shine. That is the real attraction.

  5. Thanks buddy! You're right... this blog is used as an outlet of my feelings or a journal pretty often! I'm glad people want to read about that stuff!! :)

  6. The eyeless saints are seriously creepy. Yikes.

    But on a real note, yes, blogging seems a little silly in the whole scheme of things but I've "met" some really amazing people through it, including you! I hope you keep blogging through this and letting us support you.


  7. Thank you sweet Jen! I'll sure try and hope for the best! Support is always acceptable!

  8. This place looks really awesome! Nice post. Thanks for your comments! There's a river near my house and I go hang out there. The water is still a little chilly for swimming, but on a hot day it's ok.

  9. Hi Lydia! Thank you! I really like your blog I have to say! Nice to see you! :)

  10. Dear Dimi, I'm so sorry you lost your job. But something new will come on your path. So yeah, stay calm and keep the faith. Everything will work out in the end :).