Monday, May 2, 2011

Greek views and some news (loooong post.... grab a snack!)

 Hello lovely followers of this blog and random clickers!!
I hope you had tons of fun during your Easter holidays and precious moments with your loved ones! I know I did! 
 I really needed this week of rest as I was feeling like a million pieces scattered all around the place! I was over-active during the last period of 3 months, which led to feeling quite exhausted!! This post is full of nice views of the nearby greek countryside, the result of me and G. having a couple of road-trips during the week! This is what we saw!!

 We spent Easter Sunday with my parents, brother and some friends and the next day we visited G's parents in the village. The village is up a mountain and this is the view on the way there! Really typical greek scenery, I love it!!

View of the village, as you enter

Byzantine Church

 Then on Tuesday, we drove to Poulithra, which is a small coastal village about 100 km away. A friend of G's and his band were playing music at a nice sea-food taverna (greek restaurant that is), so we went there as "groupies"!!

Happy, dancing greeks in the taverna!

On the way....
 As picturesque as the village may be, this is a day I actually want to forget.... Because what is a greek blog about if you don't include a little bit of "tragedy" anyway?? 
  On the way back (btw the road to that village is dangerous - 80 km of nasty turns right at the edge of the cliff...) it started raining and the road got slippery. As a result G. lost control of the car in one of those nasty turns and we crashed on the sidebars..... We're very, very lucky to not even get a scratch!! But our poor old Peugeot is dead....

 As you can guess, the rest of our holidays were pretty much ruined and we spent the next days visiting car mechanics and taking offers on car parts. Turns out we need about 2.000 euro to fix it and it doesn't really worth the trouble because the car is more than 10 years old... We need a new car... *sigh*...*thinking of bank account*....*double sigh*.....

View of the sea to calm down.....
 So then we got engaged in various car conversations and cheched a dozen of car forums to choose what car we should buy! And then.... it's freaking Monday all over again and the end of all vacation!!!!! .....*some really nasty greek words* ...........* sigh *......!

 Oh well..... what's life without some tragedy that happens when we have other plans?? 
 On a happier note - I don't want you to think that you're not getting any outfit pics after finishing my remix! Oh no sir.... Kendi created a little monster here and it's unleashed and out of control!!
You thought I stopped blogging, didn't you??

 More posts of outfits, fancy new bling I've made, some tutorials, places we go, food we eat and extra greek blabbering and nagging on top of that, coming up next!! Kisses to all of you, my dear friends!


  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry 'bout the crash. The photos are beautiful. I have to visit Greece some day.

  2. oh gosh I am really really sorry to hear about the accident and the car! I just don't know what to say! :(


  3. Thanks guys! I don't want to sound ugrateful and all, since we're both ok, but we're kind of troubled about whether we can afford a new car or not... Oh well...! :(

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!Eutuxws pou eisai kala kopelara mou!!!!Ti les twra....ksunes sou bghkan oi diakopes dhladh???Doksa to theo pou eiste kala omws!!!Mhn anushxeis gia to amaksi...afou eiste eseis kala kai ugieis ola tha ta breite!!!Anupomonw gia ooooola ta kainouria pragmata pou tha mas deiskeis!!!Polla polla filiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Ξυνές δε θα πει τίποτα!! Αλλά όχι μωρέ... πέρασα κι ωραία, ξεκουράστηκα... Το είχα ανάγκη!! Ευχαριστώ για τα υπέροχα ανεβαστικά σου σχόλια!! Μου φτιάχνεις το κέφι με τα πολλάάάά ααααααα! Είσαι γλύκα!!!

  6. Gorgeous pics of the scenery on your vacation. So sorry about the accident and the whole car situation. Money problems SUCK! Sending you happy smiles and good thoughts.


  7. They suck big time!! Thanks for the good vibes! :)

  8. Man! I wanna be Greek!! Hehe! Your Easter looks like it was amazing, I wanna be you sitting comfy in those sunglasses, thanks for sharing this!

  9. Thank you sweet Sara! That's a very flattering comment!! Although I have to add, it's not a good time to be greek right now...! But you can always visit!! I'd be so happy to have my blog-friends over!! :)

  10. Πάλι καλά να λέτε που δεν πάθατε τίποτα! Άγιο είχατε! Μια φορά κι εγώ, σε ίδια κατάσταση, είχα ντελαπάρει κανονικά το αυτοκίνητο σε βαθύ χαντάκι!(ευτυχώς σκάλωσα και δεν βρέθηκα στον πάτο). Χιλιοειπωμένο αλλά... λαμαρίνες είναι, μην αγχώνεσαι! Ελπίζω να πάνε όλα καλά από εδώ και πέρα.
    Φιλιά πολλά! :-)

  11. So sorry to hear about your crash. But your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you had a pretty great Easter holiday.

  12. The holiday was fun, yes! I'm glad you like the pictures dear!! Thanks for your support!

    Αντζουγια ντίαρ... πώς το κατάφερες αυτό βρε κορίτσι μου...? Ανατρίχιασα μόλις είδα το σχόλιο! Τώρα αρχίζουν τα δύσκολα... δε βαριέσαι! Τι να κάνουμε?? Μια ζωή άγχος?? Δε βγαίνει φιλενάδα! Καλά να είμαστε!! :)

  13. Hi Dimi! Im glad though that you took a break and you deserve to have fun and vacation....!maybe if i were you I wont be blogging too bec sometimes we go camping! who is Peugot? don't tell me it's another pet?....Im sorry to hear the tragedy...=(

  14. No,no! Peugeot is our car (it's a french brand). We crashed it last week... we're safe though, apart from the financial setback! Kisses :)

  15. Sorry to hear of your 'greek tragedy' ... hope the finances manage the purchase of a new car - glad that you and G were unhurt. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and whoop that in the tavern people are dancing 'a'la greek'. Love it. My sister was married to a South African Greek many years ago and I loved the gregarious life loving nature of the greeks and the worry beads. I still miss Christos.

    Hope the rest of your week is fabulous :-)


  16. Thank you Wendy! You're such a sweetheart! I'm glad you're familiar with the weird, for most people, greek life-style! Me and G. are fine, but I lost my job yesterday on top of everything, so we're not buying a new car. We'll fix this one and pray for the best, I gues...! Thank you for your support. I feel you have a very warm and kind heart and that we have things in common, from your first post I've read! Kisses :)

  17. The Greek scenery is so pretty and I'm so happy only your car got hurt in the crash and that you two are safe and sound. Hope you've found a reasonably priced new car to replace your dead one.