Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yellow for sunshine!

 I'm sick of the greek weather lately! It's been more than one week of rainy, dark and cold weather making me feel like I live in London (not that I've ever been to London - just saying!). 
 And the worst news are that next week we' re gonna have a cold front hitting us, temperature will drop to -4 C degrees and it might even snow!! (I've seen snow twice in my hometown during the last 30 years...)!
 So I thought I'd try and bring on some sunshine with this outfit:

 I'm sorry for the blurry pics of this outfit, but due to cold weather my bf/photographer is out with fever! So I'm late with my late posts. Again.

 On top of that I don't think I've mentioned how much I dislike yellow and most of the "warm" colours. As a result of that now that I come to think of it, I don't own any yellow, orange, pinkish e.t.c. items. 
 Ok, I do own some items - but they fall into the category of "stuff I bought on days I felt really brave and still have the tags on them"! This yellow cardi is one of them. 
 Bought from ASOS, a day of delirious spending in the name of refreshing my wardrobe for spring and following trends. I thought "yellow is hot for spring"... I even included it in my remix list for crying out loud! 

I've never worn it!!!

 So here it is, presented for the first time, the yellow trendy cardi!!  
 To make myself feel better for appearing wearing yellow in public and just to give Ralph something to laugh about over the weekend - I'm also giving you the "When will I become a mother?" earring!


Skirt - Sprider stores
Grey Top - Asos maternity
Yellow cardi - Asos 
Scarf - Asos
Belt - Vintage (80's maybe?) from mommy!
Tights - beige fish-net
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Hunter
Earrings - handmade/don't remember the artist
(but I bought 3 of those! I am THAT ridiculous...)
Glasses - Just Cavalli

 Those bags are filled with the jewellery I've been making!! Here are some of my new cuties:

The "Flower Power Girl" necklace

 Please continue leaving your feedback, opinion, comments freely on them! Even if you believe they suck big time and they can only be used by 8-year-old girls (like many of my friends & family do) feel free to say it!!

The "Blue Valentine" series

 I'm a firm believer that since someone takes the time to leave a comment It's only fair to respect their opinion and keep it in mind! Besides it is my first attempt on a totally new craft. 
 As an avid handmade-funky-jewellery seeker for many years, I know that most handmade jewellery fall apart really easily. It is important for me to learn the skill. 
 I take extra time to double (and sometimes) triple seal all the connections to make sure that they are as stable as they can be! And to come up with new funky designs in an effort of never repeating the exact same piece, so my potential clients (or friends and family that will eventually receive them as Christmas presents after all my plans have failed - ha!) to be proud of wearing statement jewellery, unique as each and everyone of us is, made with lots of love and extra care. A lot of magic send to the world by many Little Witches and Tiny Wizards everywhere!

photo found here

Have a lovely weekend!! x x x


  1. It worked - you made me laugh! Love the funny earrings.

    And yellow is a nice color. Too under-used in my opinion. Everyone looks sunnier wearing it, you included. Nice post, btw!

  2. I actually love yellow and all warm colours, but it can be a difficult colour, and it all depends a bit on your skin tone. I would be all over that cardigan though!

    And I agree, making sure that jewellery holds together well is really important, and I've definitely had stuff fall apart. When I was working in the bead store, I learned the importance of good quality findings (sterling silver crimping beads for example are expensive, but worth the extra cost--if you use crimping beads at all, that is).

  3. Thanx Ralph!! I know... Do you think this is the reason why yellow was hot for winter and they're also using it for spring?? Designers must agree with you that we don't wear yellow as much as we should! Thanks for all the support with your comments!!
    And Emily, theoretically I like them too - I'm a very colourful person in general. It's just that I get a "bliah" feeling before and while I'm wearing them! (even if people say I look good and I agree). Fashion blogging will hopefully help!!
    And I'm so lost in a sea of beads that I can use any advice! I bought the round crimping beads (I thought they looked cuter), but to make sure they'll stay in place I've used 2 or 3 of them in some heavier pieces. I'm also using a bit of nail polish to secure the knots.

  4. Oops, I am not sure if my comment posted...?

  5. Probably not my dear! I just got the one above!

  6. lovellyyy outfit :)


  7. Thanx for your "promoting yellow" support Ria!! Welcome to my blog!