Monday, March 28, 2011

Brown and green?

 A quick post to show you my outfit from yesterday, when we visited G's parents for lunch! They live in the neighbour town of Argos, so this  is where this lovely church is (Church of St. John I think....)

 I decided to go comfy yet modest and then I remembered that I've only worn this skirt once (here), so here it is again! Paired with brown boots, bag and belt; a green top and jacket; and two grey scarves tied together. I like it that green "warms up" when mixed with brown!


Skirt - local flea market
Green top - Asos
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Grey long scarf - American Apparel
Grey "rose" scarf - Asos
Belt - Local store
Shoes - Local store
Bag - On Pedder
Glasses - Just Cavalli

 Can you spot our cat Dina right behind me? She's a real rebel! And black with a white spot in one side! 

Kisses till next time!

View of church and bell tower in Argos, Greece.


  1. You look so lovely and natural and earthy dimi... like a forest nymph :) Love this outfit and I'm so glad to have 'met' you through the blogging world. You are such a kind and wonderful spirit, I wish the world could be filled with more people like you!


  2. Hey... that's the best comment ever sweety. I'm very flattered and touched.... (and maybe crying a little)! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I agree with Leia. It's a natural, earthy look that's quite appealing.

  4. Thank you buddy! (p.s. - will you post some outfit pics soon?? I missed that!)

  5. I agree with both Leia and Shybiker, you look amazing and so happy!

  6. Thank you dear! I'm trying to be happy (most of the times at least)!!

  7. I agree with everyone else! Beautiful woodsy colors and layers. I wouldn't have ever tried 2 scarves together but now I'm trying to think if I have 2 that would go together!


  8. Cute "kissing" pic! What a charming outfit you've chosen. I love the domed roof of that church- very pretty!

  9. Thank you both girls!
    The 2 scarves and even 2 or 3 belts mixed together was a "hot trend" during winter! I've been wearing 2 scarves in the past but I did it for extra insulation! I'm glad it became a trend! And I was hesitant about the belts, but they looked good when I tried them! Try it - I'll be waiting for a post!!
    And Meri - thank you dear and welcome!

  10. your scarf is very pretty! Im a flower lover, oh no...=) ive always loved seeing places in Greece when you post them.

  11. I love big full gypsy skirts like that. I have a couple that I need to wear more! Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie. And thanks also for digging up my old posts and commenting on them. :)

  12. Thank you dear Sheila! I always dig old posts of people that I like - it's a nice way to get to know them!! (blogging apparently keeps you very busy!)
    And thanks dear girl - I'll try to post a bit more of outdoor pics!

  13. You know, I love that jacket so much. And this look is very you, and that's what I love about it! I agree with the others: it's a very earthy look!

  14. Thank you sweety! Your box is sent out, keep an eye open!! kisses & hugs :)

  15. I really like your skirt and scarf! You looked pretty and comfy!

    Thanks for the "Cool Chick" Love it!!

  16. Thanks back - and no worries: you are a cool chick dear! You've lived in Japan and you make creatures! That's what I call magic!
    Oh... and you bake pancakes and ride bikes!! :)

  17. Love the whole look. But I seriously need that scarf. Beautiful. Xoxo, tracy.

  18. Thank you dear! I'm not an expert, but I go for what makes me feel comfy! Scarf from ASOS sale for 10 euro!