Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep walking.... and remixing!

 Hey guys! I want to thank each and every one of you for all your love and support during my 3 months of blogging! I feel I've made some real friends already and I'm very happy to see some response over my designs or on days of pure panic like yesterday! So thank you all! - you're all unique and very cool people and I appreciate every single comment!! 

 After the shock of my previous posts, on to happy sartorial subjects: Spring is gonna be here soon oficially and to stay. I'm out of excuses for still remixing winter clothes!! So, I'm determined to finish my remix this week, with only one month of delay!!! (famous for my punctuality - hihihi)

 By the end of the week - just as you're getting fed up by seeing me all over the place - we'll get back to creativity, normality and finding a style for this blog and a place for every little witch and tiny wizard of this planet!!

New jewellery I've made!! Purple glass and some green beads, wire, ribbon, chain & patience!

 But.... one step at a time and back to outfits! 
Three ways to wear a plain black skirt: for the office, for a drink/lunch/dinner and a more casual one (for shopping?)

1st Outfit:

Skirt - Attrativo
Tee - Calzedonia
Grey cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Black Studded Belt -U.O.
Shoes - Hunter
Bag - Hunter
Ring and necklace - Handmade by me
Coat - mommy's gift

 I'm going "French" for the second outfit! I really like this cheap old tee (15 euro/local store) and when I'm wearing it I get a "Parisien" feeling. I couldn't really explain why, it was just feeling French... Then I read this very cool post of Jess, that explains the history of Breton stripes and guess what?? They originally came from France! Now I can feel "Parisien" and have a reason!!

Close up of new earrings I've made/ my Breton stripes are gold-ish!

2nd Outfit: 

Skirt - Attrativo
Tee - Local store
Belt - French Connection (Asos)
Shoes - Hunter
Earrings - Handmade by me
Green Satin Rose Pin - from the boutique I used to work

 More stripes, this time featured on a multicoloured scarf that matches my new "Candy girl" bracelets (the previous ones seen here). That's me trying to pose "Tyra" style (ha) and failing miserably!!

3rd Outfit:

Skirt - Attrativo
White tee - too old to remember
Grey tee - Asos Maternity
Jean jacket - Ysatis
Scarf - a gift 
Belt  - local store
Shoes - everyday flats
Bracelets - Handmade by me

(Need more inspiration for your old, boring,black skirt? Click here and here !
Bye-Bye now....! 


  1. I love the Parisien outfit. I'm a sucker for sophisticated stripes.

    And yay for nearing completion 30 for 30. You're stronger than I am! I think I made it to 18? Ha!


  2. Thanks dear :) - Strong and slllllow!

  3. The second outfit is really cute. It displays your, um, natural talents. :)

  4. loving the stripes, girl! and i'm so glad you're liking this bloggy community. it's fun, right? everybody has great ideas and i really feel like I've made some friends too. woo hoo! :)

  5. Thanks...! And Meredith, yes it's fun! Welcome!!

  6. wow these are alot of cool outfits..i was so inlove to your handmade ring, esp of it's size and funky color!!

  7. Thank you sweety! Your comments make my day!