Friday, March 18, 2011

Some jewellery and an HTML trick for you!

 Hello dears! No outfit pics today as I'm feeling a bit under the weather and not my usual self.... Nothing to worry about , I'll be ok by Monday for sure... It's just that sometimes you can't help but be pissed off when you feel absolutely vulnerable and not safe. And that's how all greeks feel right now (pretty much) due to extremely unethical and extreme political, financial and social situations... 

 Oh well, this is a happy blog and I'm trying not to get into that stuff.... There are hundreds of greek political blogs out there to get into details.
 + I'm having a bad hair day! (and PMS!)
Sometimes it's too much for a girl too handle!!

 Back to happy subjects, here are some really happy jewellery I've made and named them the "Candy girl" series for obvious reasons:

Two bracelets! 

And earrings!! Don't they look like candies??

...I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling a wee better after looking at those colours!

And on to the HTML trick I promised:

 I may be new in blogging but I'm already irritated by all the self-promotion out there for no particular reason... (told ya I'm in a BAD mood!)
 People coming in and out of blogs like ghosts, leaving gems of knowledge like: "Cute :)" and various other symbols, followed by their blog address!! 
 To those people = I don't really care how "big" your blog is! This is not a contest! It maybe is to you, but as far as I'm concerned there is no PRICE if you get THE biggest blog ever! Ok, maybe you get free bags and dresses and headbands, but for some others out there it's far more precious to bond, to meet people of substance, to help each other reach for their dreams. (I know... kind of boring! And time-consuming!)
 So if you want to comment in MY blog and other PERSONAL blogs and promote thy self, go ahead. But please do it in a way that is less obvious and a bit more tactful! Here's how:

You can incorporate your address in this code and it can appear as a link!!

E.G. - Instead of writing:
"Cool :) !! - Check my blog"

You can write:
1."Hey, Your outfit is really cute and I like your belt!! Check how I wore mine here"

2.Then you highlight the word "here" and delete it while copy this code instead! (I keep it in a word file):

<a href=" your address)">here</a>

3. The word "here" is going to reappear, this time as a link to your address. Isn't that cool??

 Thank you for your patience today! xxx


  1. πανεμορφα κ πολυ χαρουμενααα λαλαλα !με εχει πιασει η ανοιξη περνα απο το σπιτακι μ αν θες να παιξεις ενα παιχνιδακι!

  2. Υπέροχα! Να και κάποιος χαρούμενος! Ευχαριστώ και έρχομαι να παίξω να χαρώ!!

  3. I use this html trick, it's a great one! (Also the only one I know :P heehee)

    I'm sorry you are feeling under the weather dear. Hot chocolate always helps me with PMS... also lots of blankets, paracetamol, and a hot water bottle! Hope things are happier soon!


  4. It's the only one I know too...! I'll be ok soon, nothing to worry about! But thank you for the advice... Hot chocolate is a good tip I hadn't thought about! Kisses

  5. Sorry about the confluence of hardships in your life right now, buddy. They will pass and things will look up.

    The colorful jewelry is great! Nice designs.

    Yes, self-promoting bloggers are annoying and their transparent efforts are self-defeating. We care about people who care about us; fly-by promoters who only want you to help them without reciprocating in any way are not worth following. You'll never establish any real connection to them. We all learn that lesson at some point.

    BTW, your blog is getting better and better!

  6. I know my dear... Thanks for trying to cheer me up!! Everybody's nice comments made my day actually!
    I'm so glad you like my blog! I'm in favour of quality instead of quantity, and if this comes out of my posts, then I'm more than happy! And I already appreciate all the people I've met through it!
    But 3 spam messages in a month?! Jeez!

  7. Aww, such lovely earrings honey :)) I'm sorry to hear about your hardships, but the day always gets brighter <3

    Lovely blog, come see mine! :)

  8. Thank you so much!! Yeah... I know - I'm much better now!

  9. xaxaxa!!auto kanw ki egw me to html mou!!! :D:D
    Auta ta vraxiolakia einai pl teleia!!!m aresei otidhpote thumizei polu xaroumeno paidiko .... sth!!! :D


  10. I don't even bother putting in a link since if the blog owner is interested, they can find the link to my blog in my Blogspot profile.

    Great jewelry - it does make me happy! Have a super weekend!

  11. Great HTML trick! And the earrings and bracelet are so fun and happy!

  12. Ohmy gosh I love your jewelries!! The colors makes me jumpy! I think I am emotionally improving bec I am loving colors now...I am also in the same hair problem, overdue to the salon , this spring break I needed to have it fixed! and have my first MS after giving birth, imagine 2 yrs w/o?? I love the link trick idea..hmmm..about the book, thanks for your opinion, It was a shame to use that title, a better author could have used it for fashion remedies=(!! ru seriously reading horror??=)

  13. Thank you girls!!!
    @Signorina Christina - Ευχαριστώ πολύ!
    @Sheila - Thanks dear, I've noticed you are a discreet person!!
    @Emma - Thanx and welcome!
    @Dear Girl - You bet!! And I've watched almost any horror movie available (even 60's cult horror!) And I don't even want to think about child birth - it scares me!! Congrats dear and your boy is so sweet!