Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've got mail!!!

 Ok, not really.. - I've got a parcel! Which is way better!! ...But you have to admit it's a catchy title, right?
 Back to the parcel now... I've been waiting for almost a week and it arrived yesterday! So today I picked it up and then went for a coffee and a walk in town with my lovely bf!

 As soon as we sat down at our favourite corner cafe, I had to check if my goodies arrived safely! 

  And they did arrive safe and sound, and they were even cuter than I thought!
  My first handmade cuties made by one of my first blog-friends: Anzouya!! 

 I bought from her lovely DaWanda shop those cool crochet heart-shaped paper clips and the dark red rose headband! I was very happy and touched when I saw that she included a card with a sweet note and one extra paper-clip (the blue round one!) which I absolutely adore and is my fav. colour! Thank you Anzouya! You're a sweetheart!

 Anzouya, is a creative girl who is trying to make her dream come true and start her own business of making and selling beautiful handmade goodies! 
 She is very active and she has this great blog, full of tutorials and good ideas and lovely things that she makes... She also runs a DaWanda shop, a Facebook page and an Etsy shop and her own business in Corfu, Greece, at the same time! I don't know about you, but I admire that! I think she has a unique spirit and a lot of guts, for doing that and I wish the best of luck and success! Thanx Anzo - I love them all! Stay tuned for an outfit featuring my new headband!!
View of the town from the corner cafe!
On a more personal level, I've been kind of busy. Actually, too busy!! But in a happy, hectic and creative kind of way! That means that I've made a loooot of jewellery that I now have to figure out what to do with...! While I was doing that, many flat surfaces of our house looked like that:

 And what kind of happy thoughts have arisen through that process??
A)I have to get organized and create a working space....
B)To further explain A): I meant to post a "before and after" project of creating my workspace. We have a spare room which was meant to become office/working area and I'm in the process of decorating. It was a mess, filled of boxes with books, but I didn't have the blog back then, so no "before" pics, but I'll post the "after"!
C)To further explain B): I have to finish my remix!! My remixing clothes are all over the place (I had to keep them seperately), in the one room that my jewellery stuff were supposed to be, so that's why my jewellery stuff are all over the rest of the house!! 
D)I have to get organized??
 And after those random thoughts that make perfect sense - I'm sure - I decided to post a lot of outfits to finish my remix and then post a lot of jewellery and then learn Flickr and post there and then learn how to start a Dawanda and/or an Etsy shop. (I really dislike Facebook though... oh well...)!
So many plans.... so little time! See you soon!!


  1. Oh thank you Rachella! Cute name!

  2. The last two pictures are toooo soft! In fact reality in the appartment during jewellery making is pure hardcore!

  3. .....sorry?? .....sorry my sweet and only baby???? There, I said it in public!

  4. Ooooh you bought those paperclips! Yeah, isn't Anzouya one colorful and creative lady?!?! I'm sure you'll really enjoy those clips and that you'll find awesome purposes for each and every one of them!

  5. Oh, I'm so happy that you liked my stuff so much! And thank you for your SUPER-DUPER kind words! You really make me blush! But above all, thank you for your love and support! It means a lot to me! :-)

    I'm glad that you're finally making more things and if you need tips and advice don't hesitate to ask me. I'm not considered an expert yet but maybe I can help! ;-)

    Hugs & Kisses!!! <3

  6. @ Louana - Yes!! She's a great lady indeed! I've already planned to use them for my new business book-keeping (if I ever get to it...)!!

    I think it's important to support each other being crafts-people... handmade products are unique and made with lots of love and effort! I'm glad more and more people realise that. I've been buying handmade products for ever. Why not do it online and support my friends??
    p.s. - I love your new chicken pic. and I've been drooling over your lovely creatures (the human baby is my personal fav.-we'll get to that as soon as I can afford to spoil myself a bit more...)!

  7. @Anzouya - I really enjoyed my order - 1 happy customer here!! And I welcome all the help I can get! kisses

  8. her stuff are full of fun, i love colors!! I am also eager to make some handmade jewelries by looking at these!!so cute!!

  9. They are, aren't they?? Thank you dear girl!