Thursday, March 24, 2011

HELP - Urgent post - hotmail problem!

             Oh my God dear readers!! Help me!!!
This is what happened to me first thing in the morning....
I was having my coffee, checking my blog and emails as I usually do. I've received a message in my inbox of my Hotmail account, looking pretty legitimate to me, saying that I have to verify my account info to their hotmail team. It claimed that they're verifying every hotmail account to see if it's used and if I didn't reply my account would be deleted.....
I was kind of alarmed that it asked for my password verification, but blame it on the lack of caffeine in my brain or just on the fact that I'm plain stupid and internet ignorant and I thought that if it was spam, it would've been spammed (and not in my inbox, if you're following me).... I freakin verified the darn thing!!!!!!
Guess what happened next?????
Somebody took over my account, changed my password and I don't have access....
I can't believe in my own eyes that something like that can happen.....
I've been trying the whole morning to communicate with Microsoft help, but..... no luck. I'm getting a message that says that if my account is verified, I'll get it back maybe within 24 days..... but seriously...... what kind of a freaking SERVICE is this anyway????????
Please help me dear readers..... I'm lost in translation and desperate..... What if they can find my account details? Is my credit card in danger? Can I just call someone and have it blocked?? Will I loose my email and addresses or even worse?? Somebodyyyyyyy Heeeeeeeeeeelp!  
(that's me panicking right now.....!)


  1. Don't panic! First of all, did you try to get access by pressing the "forgot my password" button? It should lead you to a page where it will ask you to answer your secret questions that no one else should know about, so I believe that will solve your problem.
    And next time... DO NOT OPEN ANY E-MAIL that you aren't 100% sure about it! PERIOD!

  2. Yeah.... I kind of learned that the hard way. Both my hotmail and paypal are blocked, so I cancelled by credit card and blah, blah...
    Now I have to figure out how to get those back and all my friend's mail addresses...
    ME NOT HAPPY TODAY...AT ALL...You have to love it, right?

    p.s.-If you get any mail by me today, it's not me, it's the evil brain behind the scam! - DO NOT OPEN!

  3. Friends of the blog - you can always contact me in: (let's hope that one still works!)

  4. Aggg that sucks!

    Mya dvice? go to gmail! So much better at the spam filtering.

  5. Thanx Rebecca! Many people say actually that gmail is better. I can't believe I got tricked like that...

  6. This is soooo terrible! I wish I knew what to say to help you but I really have no idea. I'm just so sorry this happened to you! :( But, I do use gmail, and really recommend it.


  7. Thank you Leia. I'm equally speechless and sad. I think I learned my lesson of the day...

  8. Oh yes... I feel like the most stupid person in the universe right now dear Wendy!
    BTW - your jewellery rock!!!!
    Thanx for your comment