Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update on the scam!!!

I'm still in panic after what happened today. I'm also very sad...
Turns out...... the bad person that stole my hotmail account, has been sending messages to all my contacts
saying that I'm in Spain and that I need money (1000 euro) to pay my hotel expenses!!

This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.....

I know that sometimes I believe in the kindness of human nature and I can be extremely naive.... but I don't consider myself as stupid. 
Well today.... I'm stupid.
I feel violated and extremely embarassed....
The only reason I'm posting this is because you might receive an email saying that, but please DO NOT RESPOND to this person...
I even called the police and they said I have to press charges.....

You can laugh all you want.... but I didn't know internet can be such a bad place....


  1. It really sucks that your email got hacked. :(

    I found my way here via a comment you left on Doe Deere's site. I just couldn't resist your blog title!

  2. Did you get your email account back yet? I got an email requesting money from "you" this morning and knew something was fishy. Pretty sure you weren't planning on going to Spain!

    Did you have credit card information or anything linked to it? I'd change passwords to everything that might have been linked to it...whether it be online back account pin numbers, blogger passwords, etc. If your credit card was linked, it wouldn't hurt to put a fraud alert on your account. I've dealt with credit card fraud before (lost about $5000 in the end)...make sure you protect yourself, just in case!

    Good luck...let me know if you need anything, although I don't know how you'd do it without email. :|

  3. I'm sorry, honey. This happens. It's often called "phishing" and is a common tactic by criminals. Sadly, there are some bad people out there.

  4. Oh my god! I can't believe people do that! The person who is doing this is so rude I don't know what to say! Hope everything works out for you.

  5. Internet is a deep blue sea full of beautiful creators and sharks! BEWARE little fish! ;-)

    p.s. I hope this adventure will end here for you.

  6. Thank you all guys for the support! I really needed that today to be honest!
    @Loveisthenewpunk - Thank you my dear and welcome! Sorry you came all the way from Doe's to face my panicked post!
    @Ashley - Can't get it back. It was an account I had for 8 years and just used my initials, so I can't retrieve it... No plans of going to Spain for sure...
    @Shy - Thanks buddy, I wish I knew that before I acted so carelessly..
    @Awoman's right to shoes - I know... It's scary! People be extra careful if you use hotmail these days!
    And thank you Anzouya!

  7. Hey there! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was very sweet. You made my night. Then I come here and read this. How awful. I'm so sorry. It's so scary when this stuff happens. Good luck honey. Xoxo tracy

  8. hi dimi, that's sad about hotmail, it already happened to me and my husband was able to trace that person who use my account is from Luthania ?...I deleted it but still it is going on bec no matter how i delete it if someone has controlled, i cn't do anything..i sent an email to all my contacts. =( hotmail is a piss!!!

  9. Έλα βρε μην το παίρνεις τόσο κατάκαρδα. Σε όλους έχει τύχει κάτι παρόμοιο. Keep walking.... :)

  10. Thank you all guys for the support!! I read a lot about that. I was mostly shocked because I couldn't have guesses that you can do that (dah....)!

    P.S. - Πέρη, η ανθώπινη κακία και μαλακία, πάντα θα με σοκάρει μάλλον, όσα χρόνια και αν περάσουν. Δίκιο έχεις βέβαια!