Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green for spring!

 Hello lovely readers of my small blog!! 

 I'm kind of sick of all the bad stuff happening lately and of all the gloomy weather we're getting in my part of the woods! So here is another attempt to dress up and "call" for spring!!

 Too cold to do it outside I'm afraid, so here's a lovely view of our corridor (and the bathroom door as a bonus!)

 Can you spot the difference from my usual outfit posts??

 How about now??? Am I helping?? Non?

 How about this one? No ?

 Ok.... I'll tell you. When planning this outfit in my head, I intended to show you the new earrings that I've made. They were red and black and white and kind of different from my usual "happy" designs. That's why I named the series(more in that style to come soon...) the "Dancing Queen". They were also designed to make my mom friends to stop saying that I can only make stuff for 8-year-olds!!

The "Dancing Queen" earrings!
 I'm really happy and excited to tell you that I don't have them anymore - they're SOLD!! In fact, better than sold - exchanged with hair dying, trimming and straightening!! 
So... that's the difference! Straight hair (you'll see that 3-4 times a year!). What do you think?? 
 I say it worthed the trouble of spinning red wire around a loop, for 4 hours and destroying my nails!

P.S. - I went for the big bag instead! Kisses to all!
P.S. - Now, If I could just exchange another pair for a manicure I'd be good to go!!


  1. I like your new look! Your hair looks great and it's so cool that you have actually exchanged your creations with that! I hope soon you won't have to do that but you'll be able to actually sell your stuff! :-)

  2. what a cutie spring outfit, i love the scarf and the shoes and you are creative! Is'nt it cool when we can handmade our accessories? But that's tough since you said you risk your manicures? bec I have not tried making earrings yet even I have the materials=(...

  3. Thank you girls!!
    @Anzouya - Best wish ever! I wish it for both of us!
    @Dear girl - Yep, manicure destroyed! And I'm a huge fan of anything handmade!

  4. What a lovely outfit, and it is so cool that you were able to exchange like that. Awesome!

  5. Thank you dear!! Isn't it?? We should start a blogger-community of exchanging goodies without money! That would be something!! Have a nice day!

  6. I love the earrings -- and what a cool idea to barter them. I'd happily start a lawsuit for someone willing to give me a pretty dress. :)

  7. Okay, first of all, I LOVE your outfit. I'm so uninspired right now and have no idea how to dress for the weather up here. I have a jacket in that similar shade of green...I think it's time to bust it out! Thanks so much, now I have an idea of what to wear today.

    Your hair looks great, and I'm even more in awe of how you managed to get it that way! I wish I could trade one of my creations (I've been making feather earrings recently...they look like poop though) for a hair dye. My roots are horrible right now!

    The earrings look amazing, by the way!

  8. Thank you guys!! Money is trouble if you ask me, but oh well...! Recession makes you creative I have to admit!!!
    And Ashley, I'm terribly flattered that I inspired you for once!! I can't wait to see your jacket! (and your earrings!!)
    Kisses to all!

  9. love the shoes and the scarf